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September 23, 2009

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(continued from last post)

  • We think we are in the early days of ecommerce
    •  5% of commerce is online – still early days
  • The lines between online and offline blurring – used example of someone in store using iPhone to check prices.
  • Formats blurring – auction/classified/fixed price
  • Mobile big

When eBay started people thought ecommerce would be ‘winner take all’ –  what we see is that ecommerce increasingly reflects what off-line reflects.  There will be multiple winners (fragmented) – amazon, eBay, eforcity, macys can all be winners.

Now payments is a market that lends itself to having one winner ubiquitously – we think paypal will be that platform.
Where does eBay fit?
Where does ebay fit in that world?  We realise we need to change – we connect buyers and sellers.  Two ways we do that:
  1. eBay – allow sellers of all sizes to use eBay as an alternative channel. Used to be just for smaller, always will have that. But increasingly eBay buyers want access to larger retailers. Secondary market – one season old, liquidation – eBay is a strong market for this. The online outlet mall.
  2. Payments – Be the standard for online payments.

Thought Skype would be a good fit, wasn’t. Talked about the spin-out.

eBay is not a retailer.  
Wants to talk about two trends:
  1. Platform  – When started, took walled garden approach. Made sense, but clear now that is not the way to go. Best example is the iPhone – simply a platform on which thousands of applications have been built.
    1. Creating great consumer experiences
    2. Doing same thing with paypal – next month will have  a developer conference on this.
    3. Paypal will be the payment platform – allowing innovation to be built on top
    4. Using the twitpay and facebook examples.
  2. Mobile and devices – eBay iphone app has gone from bad to good.  4m downloads.  Last week someone bought a $400k Lamborghini via iPhone – $150k boat.
    1. Growing double digits every month.
    2. Visual recognition is coming – point at a product, see if available online (amzn app does this fyi)


(more to come)