Live blogging eBay at I

September 23, 2009

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It’s 9am in Vegas and John Donahoe (JD) is taking the stage for a talk and later will have Forrester analyst Patti Freeman Evans do a fireside chat.   This is a fire side chat kind of format.  I’ll be doing some live blogging and tweeting.

Donahoe takes stage
John started with some jokes – Flew in last night from the east coast, hand meetings with Macys, Jack Sheng, etc.  Met with eBay+PayPal people, lots of people walked by and saw Josh from the team in a bathing suit!
Gave sunglasses to a guy in front row that looked hung over.
eBay talk begins
  • Show of hands – how many people bought on eBay (95%)
  • Show of hands – sold on eBay (50%)
  • Show of hands – paypal  – 95%
  • Show of hands – cross border trade – 10%
  • Show of hands – Skype  (20%)
  • Show of hands – skype video (10%)

Every year 300-400m people use our products, which gives us lots of great feedback of what’s going on.

It’s ironic that people call us disruptive when we are constantly being disrupted.   Wants to talk about ecommerce trends and technology trends.