Jet Tightens Fulfillment and Delivery Standards

March 14, 2016

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If you’re already selling on Jet, you know that it’s more than just a peripheral e-commerce strategy. It’s proven to be an essential channel for retailers and brands looking to expand their audience base to millions of new customers.

The ambitious marketplace, based on a unique business model, launched in July of 2015 to much fanfare (and a whole lot of startup cash). According to our internal data, Jet has been performing very well across a wide swath of retailers and brands.

Now that Jet’s honeymoon is over, the company’s turning its attention to what it can do better.

Jet recently tightened its seller guidelines for fulfillment and delivery, with the overall goal of providing a great customer experience (much like its marketplace rival Amazon).

So what does this mean for you?

Here are some tips to ensure that you’re in line with its new customer satisfaction standards:

1. Bring your operational metrics up to par

Carefully monitor your metrics to make sure your products are being fulfilled and shipped to consumers correctly and on time.

  • Order Acknowledgement: You should be acknowledging an order in under 15 minutes. Jet expects that over 99% of your orders will be acknowledged in this time frame, with 100% of your orders acknowledged within two hours. For ChannelAdvisor customers, this process is automated and seamless on our platform.
  • Order Acceptance Rate: Your orders should maintain an acceptance rate of over 99%. Wondering why you have a poor acceptance rate? Your product may not be accurately described in the listing. The inverse of the acceptance rate is the cancellation rate, which is also a pretty standard metric to monitor.
  • Processing Time: The standard processing time (from the time of acknowledgement until the product leaves the warehouse) is typically one business day. Sometimes, processing takes two business days.
  • Delivery Time: The accuracy of your delivery time all depends on what you promise the customer. If you say it will be there in two days, make sure you’re good on your promise. Three to five business days is standard for deliveries.
  • Order Tracking: Modern consumers demand transparency in their transactions. They like to know where their product is after they’ve purchased it. You should have a tracking number on 100% of packages by the time the package is shipped.

If you’re an experienced online retailer, this should be standard practice on any marketplace. More details on Jet’s shipping and fulfillment requirements can be found on its partner portal.

2. If you get a warning, fix it

After receiving a notice from Jet, you have 10 days to correct the issue. It’s best to reach out and let Jet know what you’re doing to fix the situation. If you resolve the issue, you’ll have a short period of time to prove that it’s not a larger problem. If the issues continue, you could face suspension.

3. If you get suspended, don’t panic

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. If you receive a suspension, we recommend that you diagnose the persistent issues, get them fixed and reach out to Jet and reapply.

Reach New Heights on Jet

Got your operational metrics in check? Great! Here are some additional tips to help you squeeze more GMV out of the marketplace:

1. Stop limiting yourself

If you feel confident listing a handful of your products on the marketplace, go a step further and commit with more products. With an increased assortment, you’ll increase your exposure to new customers, and along with it, your GMV potential.

2. Fill in all required fields

Don’t let careless errors prevent your products from showing up in Jet results. Double check each listing to make sure all Jet’s required fields are completed.

3. Don’t be afraid to name drop

Customers search for products, not retailers. For each listing, be sure to include the brand name (not your own name) for the product. It will optimize your listings in search results, as well as make your listings more appealing to browsing consumers.

4. Keep shipping prices competitive

Consumers love cheap (or free) shipping. They’ve grown accustomed to it. The more competitive you make your shipping prices, the more likely it is that your item will be selected for checkout.

For more information on Jet and how ChannelAdvisor can connect you to a new segment of eager consumers, read our Watch Your Sales Soar on Jet overview.