JD still swinging says: “…our home page still looks like a flea market.”

December 17, 2007

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The Financial Times has an article talking about eBay’s revamp of the buyer experience and highlights some increasingly strong words from John Donahoe, including this one:

“A year ago, we had 14 per cent of global e-commerce, we’re the largest
e-commerce provider, and our home page still looks like a flea market,”
he says. “The world around us had changed. In particular our buyers’
experience hadn’t kept up.”

and this paragraph is another piece of evidence for the mounting pile that DSRs are going to play a very very important role in the future of selling on eBay:

To try to weed out fraudulent and inefficient sellers, Ebay hopes to
use its new buyer ratings system to greater effect and deliver tougher
policing. A change to the site’s search engine is likely to give buyers
the power to hunt only for items from top-quality sellers.