In-Store Pickup: Is It For You?

June 27, 2016

Marketplaces Marshall Smith By Marshall Smith

We’re all about e-commerce, right? Why would brick-and-mortar stores be interesting?

Did you know that less than 10% of retail commerce occurs online, depending on your locale and category? Buyers are looking for an even more immediate shopping experience, such as options like Amazon Prime Now. For retailers with brick-and-mortar stores, offering a pickup option can enhance your profile and expand your sales visibility.

eBay has a pilot program allowing for in-store pickup of purchases, allowing a buyer to “click and pick” rather than waiting a few days for a package to arrive in the mail. The seller gets two benefits: additional foot traffic in stores (which may result in additional purchases), as well as cost savings since you’re not paying for packing and postage. Not only can you provide an additional option for your buyers and stand out from the crowd, but you can also save money in the process.

Two options are available for a seller:

  • In-Store Pickup: Provide quantity for each SKU within each store, which allows for buyer pickups in minutes
  • Ship To Store: Provide quantity available from a central warehouse delivered to the store for pickup within a day or two

In-Store Pickup

While this is the best experience available for a buyer, tracking and providing the quantity for each SKU at each store can be a lot of additional work for some sellers. Buyers also expect quick turnaround for the pickup, so automated integration is necessary to ensure the store gets the pickup order ready soon after the buyer places the order. An efficient integration can ensure that this process works quickly and reliably.

Ship To Store

For sellers that can’t track the inventory available for each SKU at each store location, Ship To Store can be a good solution. By providing all inventory available for pickup at every location, buyers can  select their most convenient pickup location.

As orders are processed, those destined to a store for pickup are collected together, delivered to the store, and then marked as “ready for pickup.” This should generally happen within a day to keep the buyer experience as quick and efficient as possible.

To make the Ship to Store process easier for you, ChannelAdvisor can automatically provide all the quantity availability information eBay needs to process Ship To Store orders with no additional work required.

When an item provides an In-Store Pickup or Ship To Store option, eBay flags those items directly in the search results, encouraging more buyers to view the item:

In-Store Pickup in eBay Search Results

As a buyer considers their delivery/pickup options, the availability at each store near the buyer is displayed, along with the hours and estimated availability for pickup:

In-Store Pickup Store Selection
In-Store Pickup Store Selection

Are you interested in adding In-Store Pickup or Ship To Store options to your eBay listings?  Just contact your ChannelAdvisor Account Manager, and we can help guide you down the right path for your business.


Blog post by Marshall Smith, engineering manager at ChannelAdvisor