IMA Live Blogging…eBay’s presentation III

March 3, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor


At this point the crowd got a little grumpy and asked Jim why the heck they have Neutrals still if they count as negative.  After some back and forth Jim said they are looking at it.

This parlayed into the often voiced concern that goes: “If eBay is telling buyers 4 is good, then why are you holding us to 4.8?”.  This kind of broke out into a heated discussion around the DSR language at feedback time.  Jim said that eBay is going to look at this and watch it closely.

In May when they roll out the changes to feedback, they’ll be doing more to educate buyers on the seriousness of negative feedback, etc.

Question from the floor: will eBay do anything to protect from competitor manipulation?  Jim said they will watch for it.

Question from the floor: if DSRs are anonymous, then how can I improve my biz?  Jim – the reason they are anon is because of retal negs. Now that those are gone, why not get rid of?  Jim said there are still ways people could do some retal things (email, etc.).  Sellers got agitated at this.

Question from floor: How does featured plus impact things?  Jim answered: no you can’t buy yourself to the top – featured plus works as does today, but with BM applied.

Jim continued on from here:

  • BestMatch – showed the algorithm that we’ve talked about here already quite a bit.
  • Said that BM doesn’t change the result set, just the order that the result set is shown in. (other parts of finding 2.0 will change the result set FYI)
  • Demand factors, listing factors and seller performance factors

Questions from the floor included:

  • Will you improve the media catalogueueue? Jim – looking into it.
  • I have an item that doesn’t show up in DSR – Jim said there’s a guru coming tomorrow.
  • I tried the term analysis tool and it showed zero rating for a brand like Roxy.  Jim – the algo learns so as it goes site wide that may change.
  • I have miscategorised items in my category (stained glass was used as example), what should I do?  Jim – yes it’s difficult for us to police individual categories and looking at how we can improve.
  • I want to see more precision on DSRs – Seller dashboard will have DSRs to 2 decimal places (hundredths)