IMA Live Blogging…eBay’s presentation II

March 3, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

II. Increase partnership and transparency

  • Goal: Reduce seller uncertainty
  • Jim talked about how when he first took job, it was tough to see sellers say that eBay has more information on their business than the seller (Jim called it information asymmetry).  Thus they are trying to be more transparent
  • Seller dashboard – helps sellers manage their reputations
    • Light version available for PS’ers in March
    • Launches Q208 (April?)

III. Add incentives to PS program

  • Introduce carrots and stick incentives (used to be only sticks)
  • Min DSR requirement – 4.5
  • Extending UPI protection
  • Extending seller protection
  • Reward good behaviour with search and discounts

Jim showed a graphic that actually had some sticks and carrots on it that showed the four buckets of seller behaviour:

  • Unacceptable – sticks aplenty
  • Good – no carrots or sticks
  • Better – some carrots
  • Best  – lotsa carrots

Jim recapped the DSR financial incentives and discussed the eBay site data that was published here, bu this data was a little bit different (e.g. Jim had top 10% S+H at 4.9, but this post has 4.8?)

DSR Discussion (always a hot topic)

  • When eBay picked the levels, they wanted them to be meaningful, but not unobtainable.  This was designed so that 80% of PS’ers would get at least be in the program (4.5).
  • 60% would be able to get into the first tier (4.6)
  • 15% of existing PS’ers would get into the second tier (4.8)
  • eBay will continue to watch DSRs and see how they are doing sitewide and make sure the discounts are getting out to the majority of PS’ers.

Other PS benefits:

  • Extended UPI protection program
  • Extended Paypal seller protection