IMA Live Blogging…eBay’s presentation I..

March 3, 2008

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Jim Ambach, eBay’s VP seller experience presented at 5pm about “Partnering with Our Sellers to Create Great Buying Experiences”.

Jim’s team are the biggest advocates for sellers at eBay. They’ve spent a lot of time working on the buying experience and that’s top of mind with sellers.  eBay can’t do alone, has to work with sellers.

Here’s my attempt at some live blogging:

I. Improve seller economics
II. Increase partnership and transparency
III. Add incentives to PS program
IV. Evolve feedback and seller protection

(I’ll try and break these into different posts).

I. Improve seller economics

  • Reduce mix of upfront fees
  • Make gallery free (Yes!)
  • reward our large and best sellers
  • Base exposure feature fees on starting price (makes them more affordable at lower price points now).
  • Reviewed new rate card
    • Reacted quickly to media seller issues with media vertical pricing
  • eBay wants to be more proactive to what they are hearing from the ecosystem