How to Run Promotions on eBay This Christmas

October 16, 2015

Marketplaces Laura Lane By Laura Lane

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most profitable days of the year for 44% of US and UK retailers. And with other holidays like ‘Super Sunday’, Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, there’s no time to waste when it comes to planning how to stand out from the crowd.

To ensure your store’s shopping baskets are full to bursting at these lucrative times of year, eBay’s Sales Maximizer can be a valuable asset. According to eBay spokesman Ryan Moore, the primary goal of the tool is to promote loyalty so that sellers can “create the types of promotions that buyers have been accustomed to seeing when they shop online and offline”. And eBay is keen to stress that Sales Maximizer isn’t just for big players – it can be a useful tool for businesses large and small.

What Is Sales Maximizer?

Sales Maximizer is an eBay tool (free to eBay Shop subscribers) that allows you to run exclusive offers, giving you the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell your products. Online bargain hunters can enjoy significant savings, while you’ll see increased order sizes and revenues. You can also set up offers in advance and schedule them to go live on a certain date – then simply sit back and wait for your offers to make an impact on your bottom line.

4 Main Types of Promotions

EBay offers four types of promotions, allowing you to tailor your promotion to what you want to achieve:

1. Order size or volume offers: Encourage buyers to spend more or add more items to their baskets for a discount. Example: buy one, get one half price.

2. Codeless coupon offers: Allow you to provide an order discount to select buyers who receive a special link. These promotions aren’t visible to general buyers on the site, and they can be shared with third-party shopping sites and included in marketing emails.

3. Sale event offers: Automatically merchandise reduced or special-price items on a sales page. Example: Save up to 50% on all men’s suits.

4. Accessory discount offers or related items offers: Cross-sell additional related items by providing incentives. Example: Buy a camera and get 20% off accessories.

Benefits of Using Sales Maximizer

  • Increased sales: Use promotions to invite buyers to make multiple purchases in a single order.
  • Increased exposure: Cross-sell your related items, such as 10% off a camera case with every camera.
  • Reduced postage costs: Benefit from less postage plus bigger profit margins on consolidated orders.
  • Tailored options: Target specific offers to specific buyers.
  • Professional design: Create a polished look for sellers and benefit from a straightforward seller interface (no HTML knowledge needed).
  • Longer-term planning: Set up your offers ahead of time, saving you a last-minute panic.

Are You Qualified to Use Sales Maximizer?

To ensure your listings can be included, you’ll need to offer PayPal as a payment option and include a Buy It Now option (except for auction-style listings, which are excluded even with a Buy It Now option).

You can also track the performance of your promotions with help from ChannelAdvisor. Details about eBay promotions that have been applied to a purchase can be imported and associated with the order so you can easily identify the original price and the discount amount. ChannelAdvisor can also make it easy for you to see the promotion usage information across your whole account.

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