How to Capture Attention on Amazon: Part 2

June 12, 2014

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Welcome back to Part 2 of our instalment on how to capture the Amazon shopper. In the first post, we examined how to grab buyers’ attention and direct them to your product page listing. Here, we’ll take it a step further by exploring how you can take that attention and turn it into conversions.

Amazon Buy BoxBuy Box

The Buy Box is the golden ticket for Amazon sellers. Assigned to one retailer per page, the Amazon Buy Box appears at the top of the product listing page. Sellers competitively seek this prize, and for good reason, but winning it is no easy task. Only Featured Merchants are eligible — these are Amazon sellers who have met performance-based requirements and accordingly have placement advantages for their listings. Your Perfect Order Percentage, Order Defect Rate, Cancellation and Refund Rate, and Late Dispatch Rate all factor into Featured Merchant status. You also need to offer competitive pricing and shipping, along with continuous product availability.

Product Images

Say you’re a consumer (well, you probably are). Let’s say you find a product listing for item you’ve been searching for —  the price is right, there’s a reasonable shipping time and a detailed description. You’re feeling good. But there’s something missing. Images. What are the chances that you’re going to go through with the purchase? If you’re like us, the chances are pretty slim.

Now, put your retailer hat back on. Make sure to include a main photo, along with a number of additional images of the product. Use high quality images, show the entire product (multiple views are ideal) and aim for a size of at least 500 x 500 pixels. If consumers like what they see, there’s a greater chance that they’ll add your item to their basket.

Product Description

Though a product title and image can offer shoppers a solid amount of information, the product description is where you detail the ins and outs of the item, fully selling it to the consumer. Further down on the product page, an effective description could be the final selling point that leads the consumer to conversion. As with the product title, include what you believe is important information and what the shopper wants to see. We recommend using no more than 200 words in your description so as not to burden the consumer with an overflow of information.

And brush up on your writing skills. Poorly constructed descriptions can cause a buyer to make wrong assumptions, which either sends them away from a product that was a good fit for them, or leads to an increase in returns because an ill-informed purchase was made. So say what needs to be said and don’t be too wordy. And last but not least: Consider bullet points, which can make your text stand out more than a string of bulky sentences.

Amazon Listing

Seller Standing

Many times, the items you’re offering are also available from other sellers. This is where you can pull out the boxing gloves and really compete. Total Landed Price (item price + delivery costs) is one of the primary ways to gain a win. Don’t rely on manual price changes or assume your initial price analysis when you listed your item is still the best one. Use a repricing engine, like ChannelAdvisor’s Repricer with Pricewatch, to make sure your price is the most competitive.

The final punch required to gain the sale? A proven track record of good customer service.  Customer satisfaction yields good ratings and feedback for your seller account.  When your prices are just slightly lower than a competitor’s with a great service history, you could still lose the sale.  Also, don’t forget the little things, like a professionally designed logo, that can help you stand out from the pack and display your professionalism.

Analyse and Take Action

Whether you’re new to Amazon selling or a marketplace veteran, you should always find time to analyse your performance and find areas for improvement. Be sure to frequently analyse your pages’ performance, highlighting how effective your titles, search terms, descriptions and images are — and what needs work.

Monitor your performance through Amazon’s key metrics. If you spot any weak points, take action. And though you can’t please every single shopper on the marketplace, the more time and attention you give to your product listings, the higher the chance there is of both capturing that shopper’s attention and leading them to conversion.

Within the ChannelAdvisor platform, we collect all the Amazon analytics you need to know within the Actionable Retail Insights view. This feature recommends new products to source, highlights products that would see a sales boost with FBA, suggests product data improvements to increase conversions and more. Contact us today for a demo.

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