How to Capture Attention on Amazon: Part 1

June 6, 2014

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Amazon LogoIf you’re looking to attract Amazon shoppers, we have some good news, some slightly bad news and some more good news.

  • The good news: This marketplace is a valuable platform for establishing your brand, selling products and increasing your consumer base. receives nearly 3 million unique visitors per day.
  • The slightly bad news: You’re not alone on Amazon. Lots of retailers are competing with one another, and with Amazon itself.

  • And more good news: With the right marketplace strategy and campaigns, you can stay one step ahead of the competition and increase your sales on this channel. Below are some tips to help.

Product Title

When aligning your product with buyers’ search queries, your product title should be top priority. The key is knowing which search terms potential buyers are using and then making sure your title and search terms match those. Include essentials like product name, brand or make, and details like size, colour or case-pack. Then expand from there with other selling points that apply to your product.  Don’t shy away from powerful, descriptive words that convey key attributes or qualities (think “organic” and “luxury”). Titles have a 100-character limit, so make each word count.

We recommend a standarised format for both soft and hard goods to help you get the most from your listings;

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Search Terms

These should be your next priority. To increase the chances of getting your product spotted, Amazon gives you an additional five search terms not used in the title. These won’t appear in your title, but if a consumer uses these words when searching, the chances of your product listing appearing are enhanced significantly. The idea is to include search terms that a consumer is most likely to search for themselves. Amazon recommends an average of two to three words for each search term. It’s also helpful to remember that the seller are automatically included, so there’s no need to include them in your five search terms.

Search Index

Be aware that a few other factors can influence Amazon search results rankings. Price, sales history, availability and selection can all play a part. Although some of these may be out of your hands, there are always ways to boost your odds of being seen, such as keeping your prices competitive, retaining a positive product rating and ensuring that your items are always in stock. The ChannelAdvisor Repricer with Pricewatch automatically adjusts your prices depending on your goals and competitors’ prices. The new Pricewatch feature continually scans the market for price changes, evaluates your optimal price based on your strategies and implements changes quickly. Visit our Marketplaces Performance page for more information on how we can help with your pricing strategy and Amazon presence.

Fulfilment by Amazon

Fulfilment by AmazonWith Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon will handle your inventory, packaging, shipping and customer service. But in addition to these logistics, FBA can also substantially enhance your product listing and your access to the Buy Box. Fulfilment by Amazon sellers can also take advantage of Amazon Prime. More than 20 million customers are currently subscribed to Amazon Prime worldwide, with Prime members, on average, spending twice the amount per year as non-Prime shoppers. Amazon Prime members have the option to filter search results by Prime-eligible offers, after which only Amazon-fulfilled and FBA products are shown. If you’re signed up to FBA, you increase the chances that your products will be seen by Amazon’s busiest shoppers. Improved conversion rates and a higher volume of sales from FBA items can help offset the costs of the service.

There’s more tips where these came from: Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this post, where we’ll explore how to move from capturing attention to creating conversions.

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