How DigitalShopper Grew Sales by 400% with Google Shopping Actions

March 28, 2019

Marketplaces By Bradley Hearn

Billions of consumer journeys begin with Google. With the introduction of the Shopping Actions platform, retailers and brands have a powerful way to drive sales with both new and existing shoppers. The platform is designed to capture and retain consumers by letting them buy instantly whether they’re searching on Google or using their voice with the Google Assistant.

With Shopping Actions, retailers can expand their reach and consumers can shop however and wherever they like — on mobile, desktop or Google Home. When they’re ready to buy, shoppers can make purchases directly using a universal shopping cart and instant checkout with saved payment credentials. This makes for a quick and painless end-to-end customer experience, seamlessly turning browsing into buying. As witnessed by DigitalShopper, the Shopping Actions platform is easy to set up with help from the ChannelAdvisor Launch Assist team and can significantly boost sales.

Company overview

DigitalShopper is a global top-rated online superstore that offers thousands of products, including electronics, computers, home and garden, toys and personal care. A technology company at heart, DigitalShopper leverages big data, algorithms, machine learning and analytics to drive sales.

The situation

Multi-marketplace sales and growth through online channels are among DigitalShopper’s key business strategies. When its management team learned about the new Shopping Actions platform through ChannelAdvisor, they felt it was a natural fit both from a business and a technology ecosystem standpoint. DigitalShopper already advertised on Google Adwords and leveraged Google Merchant Center to setup their Shopping Actions account.

“ChannelAdvisor is our core marketplace platform provider and we have a long standing relationship with them. The ability to become early adopters of the Shopping Actions platform is an example of the major value of partnering with them,” said Sherif Mohamed, CEO of DigitalShopper.

The solution

Once the decision was made, the ChannelAdvisor Launch Assist team developed a plan of implementation. They identified the data requirements for Shopping Actions, mapped those requirements within ChannelAdvisor, then tested the integration between ChannelAdvisor and Shopping Actions. Prior to launch, test orders were run to ensure end-to-end functionality. DigitalShopper was able to successfully launch on the new platform within 3 weeks of implementation.

The results

“Immediately upon launch of Google Shopping Actions, the GMV sales started and within 2 months sales grew 400%,” said Mohamed. “Google Shopping Actions is now in the top four of DigitalShopper’s US online channels, and growing.”

In addition to strong sales across the board, DigitalShopper noted orders were averaging at about $200, one of the highest compared to other marketplaces.

Because Google is where billions of consumers discover and buy products every day, the Shopping Actions program has a tremendous natural advantage. Setting up your business on this new platform can help you rapidly reach a much broader audience. With its low barrier to entry, the program is accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

If you’re already partnering with ChannelAdvisor, there’s even less reason to pass up such an opportunity. The ChannelAdvisor Launch Assist team can help you set up quickly and painlessly so you can see results similar to those of DigitalShopper in a matter of weeks.

If you’d like to learn how to get started, fill out this quick form and a representative from ChannelAdvisor will get in touch. 

Blog post by Shannon Sieve, Head of Channel Partnerships for Google Shopping Actions. Shannon has been with Google for over 10 years and has held a variety of leadership positions in Strategy, Operations, Sales & Partnerships in the US and in London.  Her current team is focused on scaling merchants and driving seller success through strategic partnerships. Prior to Google, Shannon worked for several leading Market Research firms.

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