Selling on Wish — Extra Support and Special Offers During COVID-19

April 2, 2020

Marketplaces Bradley Hearn By Wish

Given the rapidly-changing global spread of COVID-19, Wish has been closely monitoring developments in order to proactively make adjustments to our marketplace to better serve our customers and merchants during these times. We understand that many businesses are currently facing business and operational challenges, and we will continue to update our merchant policies and guidance materials to best support both our new and current merchants selling on Wish. 

Wish sells over three million products a day across 139 countries. We will continue to closely monitor developments on both a global and local level as the situation continues to evolve. 

While our current merchants are encouraged to continue fulfilling orders, if possible, to meet the recently increased customer engagement on Wish, we would like to reassure all merchants that their merchant store performance will take current events into consideration. Wish continues to actively listen to merchant feedback and will make necessary adjustments accordingly so that merchants are best supported during these times. 

During these difficult times, Wish is seeing a surge in engagement, new users, and purchases. To help our customers mitigate shipping concerns and to receive these essential items quickly, Wish has been surfacing faster-shipping items in the Wish Express feed of the Wish app so that they are more easily accessible. Wish Express is a Wish feature in which products typically can be received within two weeks and are indicated by a prominent orange badge in the shopping feed. These products are more visible in search results and experience higher conversions. We welcome ChannelAdvisor merchants to leverage our Wish Express feature to sell CPG and essentials on Wish and help us meet the growing demand of our platforms users. 

Additionally, for select merchants, Wish offers account management support to help drive merchants’ adoptions and success selling on Wish. By working with a dedicated Wish Account Management team and leveraging resources such as Wish Express and ProductBoost, ChannelAdvisor’s merchants can find success in selling globally on the Wish marketplace. If your business has been impacted by category restrictions and delivery issues, reach out to our account management team for more information and continue to grow your business with Wish today! 

For a limited time, Wish is offering exclusive benefits to new merchants joining through trusted partners such as ChannelAdvisor. For the first three months after you open your store, the revenue share of your sales will only be 5%. Normally, this revenue share is 15%. 

Reach out to our account management team for more information and continue to grow your business with Wish today! 

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