fulfilment making you Grumpy? Outsource to Amazon.

June 20, 2013

Marketplaces Marshall Smith By Marshall Smith

of the most challenging aspects to operating a business is the
uninteresting yet necessary elements required to be successful.  There
are parts that you love and why you started in the first place, but the
“mundane” requirements seem to get in the way. 
Many sellers say that the fulfilment part of business
is time-consuming and frustrating,
and diverts focus from products, customer service and the ability to expand into
additional markets.

We Want You to Love Logistics.

 Here at ChannelAdvisor, we want to figure out ways to relieve
the painful, burdensome tasks so you can concentrate on the elements of your
business that you enjoy and that help you expand.  As part of this, we
added support for Multi-Channel fulfilment By Amazon
(FBA) earlier this year, allowing you to have Amazon take over your fulfilment
operations and letting you fulfill your multi-channel orders from this fulfilment

We love logisticsWhile UPS does, you do not “heart” logistics (yet!)


Let Amazon Do the Hard Work for You.

  • ChannelAdvisor
    will automatically monitor your Amazon warehouse inventory, updating the
    quantity from Amazon when new items become available for fulfilment. 
  • When
    a purchase is made of your products, items that need to be fulfilled from the
    Amazon inventory will be automatically submitted to the Amazon fulfilment
    system and the shipping/tracking information will be retrieved to update your
    eBay account, or other channel, order. 
  • All
    of this is automatic, requiring no additional work on your part.  Take advantage of the Amazon fulfilment
    operations, and relax. 
  • You
    may also want to keep some items in your own local warehouse and only have
    Amazon fulfill certain SKUs or have a limited quantity of each SKU.  That’s also available, so you can tune the
    functionality to suit your business needs.



Like The Sounds of This? First, Take These Steps.

If you would like to use Amazon to fulfill for your eBay purchases,
just a few steps will have you moving forward and all of your fulfilment
operations automatically handled for you:

  • Enable
    FBA in your ChannelAdvisor account
  • Allow
    FBA items to be used for eBay transactions
  • Ship
    your items to Amazon’s warehouse
  • Figure
    out what to do with all of your spare time

To enable FBA in your ChannelAdvisor account, just configure an externally managed Distribution centre for the FBA
warehouse.  If you are already using FBA
for your Amazon marketplace listings, then this is already complete and you can
skip to the next step.

Next, Let Us Know You Want to Use FBA Inventory.

Next, let us know that you want to use the FBA inventory for your eBay
marketplace listings.  This is a very
easy step, and just requires you to let us know which marketplaces are allowed
to use the FBA quantity when listing new products and processing orders:

  • Log
    into your account and go to the Distribution centres (DC) view (Inventory >
    Settings > Distribution centres). 
  • Select
    the “DC to Site Mappings” button – this is where you let us know
    which marketplaces have access to the quantity stored at FBA. 
  • Here
    you will see a list of all of your enabled marketplaces, along with the option
    to use the quantity from the FBA DC for that marketplace:

Site Mappings

By default only Amazon is enabled
for FBA, but here you can choose a status for each marketplace.  In the above example we have enabled Amazon,
Buy.com (Rakuten Shopping.com), eBay Fixed Price, and Sears
Auctions, eBay Motors (Auctions and Fixed Price), and Newegg have not been
enabled in this example, and would therefore only list with the inventory
available at your fulfilment warehouse rather than the inventory at FBA.


If you have items at a warehouse and at FBA, you can select
a priority for fulfilment.

Distributions Priority

Here, you let us know if we should
use items out of your warehouse first or items that are stored at FBA.  If the item only has available quantity at
one location that will always be used.
If quantity is available both at FBA and your own warehouse, this option
let us know which one you want to use first.

  • Once
    your items have arrived at Amazon’s facility and are available for Amazon’s
    fulfilment operations, we will automatically pick up the quantity information
    from Amazon and use it based on your instructions. 
  • When
    a buyer makes a purchase at eBay, Amazon will get a message to ship the item to
    the buyer.  No details about the eBay
    purchase are used – just the shipping information necessary to deliver the
    package to the buyer.


Voila! You Heart Logistics, Too.

ChannelAdvisor is focused on improving efficiencies for your business;
with this new functionality we allow you to offload part of
your daily tasks so you can focus on the parts of business that you enjoy.  We know FBA isn’t for everyone, but whether
it helps you handle the increase in volume from a daily deal listing, the
increase in purchases in the fourth quarter, or takes over your fulfilment
operations entirely, we hope it helps you reach your business goals more



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Blog by Marshall Smith, ChannelAdvisor Technical Lead, eBay

Image Source: JD Hancock