Follow up from open questions raised on webinar…

February 14, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

During our ‘eBay changes’ webinar three interesting questions came up that had Max and I stumped.  Since the webinar we’ve gotten answers from eBay.

Question1: Once eBay starts counting repeat buyers in feedback, will this also count in DSRs?

Answer: Yes.  Just like feedback, where you can get a maximum of 1 entry per week per buyer, repeat buyers (max 1 per week) can now impact your DSRs.

If the buyer leaves multiple DSRs during the week long period, what eBay will do is average them and record the average for that buyer.


  • week 1 – buyer buys 3 items, leaves avg 4.8 on S+H cost
  • week 2 – buyer buys 1 item, leaves 5.0
  • week 3 – buyer buys 2 item, leaves average 4.9

This example would count in your DSR rating as one 4.8 then one 5.0 and then
one 4.9?

**I view this as an unexpected positive.  I assumed (incorrectly) that repeats wouldn’t count against DSRs.  Now that eBay has confirmed they do, my guess is repeat buyers should rate you higher than new buyers (because they are coming back they must be happy right?) and if you have a high repeat buyer rate like many eBay sellers do, you should enjoy a lift in your DSRs from this.

Question 2: What happens to Mutual Feedback Withdrawal (MFW) once sellers can’t leave a negative for buyers?

eBay pointed out this page which states that:

The current Mutual Feedback Withdrawal system will remain
in place until the second half of 2008. The Feedback system will continue to
evolve as community makeup and the online marketplace dynamics evolve.

eBay has confirmed that the MFW will be end-of-lifed an appropriate time after the ‘no negs’ policy goes into effect.

Question 3: This is kind of a two-parter, but both parts involve cross border trade (CBT). 

3A: If I’m a seller in the UK that qualifies for the 40% FVF off, and sell an item to a US buyer.  Do I get the UK discount on that item or the US discount?

3B: Assume it is post March and BestMatch is live in the UK and the USA.  I’m an UK seller and list my item such that it shows up on the USA site.  When viewed by a USA buyer, will my UK-listed item have the US bestmatch algorithm applied or the UK (assuming they are different)?

Answer 3A: the fee discount follows the seller.  In the 3A example, the seller would get the UK discounts even if purchased by a USA buyer.

Answer 3B: A UK site showing on the US site will have the US BestMatch algo applied.  Your DSRs are global and will be applied globally.  However, some sites may choose to have different weights for the ‘seller performance factors’ that could impact your item differently  For example, currently the UK is testing a disadvantage for sellers with a s+H DSR <=4.2, whcih the US is not doing.

Special thanks to the folks at eBay for taking time out of their schedules to answer these questions.