Finding 2.0 gone WILD.

December 12, 2007

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Green_dog_sweater_3Yesterday I was talking to a group of new customers at one of our Academy on-site training events and was demonstrating some of the new Finding 2.0 functionality you can see in the eBay Playground and somehow navigated to this snapshotview for a green dog sweater.  Note: if the link doesn’t work, first go into the playground by clicking here and then try again.

I believe I was showing how the Magellan system would auto-detect the item attributes (pet type=dog, product type=sweater, etc.), but phew, this is a pretty painful snapshot view.

When I talked about the fee changes that JD was hinting at this is the kind of thing I worry about.  Remember there are 60 of these today, if there is little to no listing fee, how many green caribou sweaters will the buyer have to dig through?

Disclaimer: I have nothing against green dog sweaters 🙂