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July 16, 2012

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Ebay-logoAre you taking advantage of all of the things you can do that can help you increase your sales, minimize non-payment, and find new buyers for your products?  eBay provides a number of features that can help you expand your sales, and ChannelAdvisor makes them very easy to use.

First, are you reaching out around the globe?  Cross-border trade is one of the fastest growing areas and allows you to reach out to customers that you’ve never gotten access to before.  With some recent changes, items that have international shipping options on them are automatically shown in other English-language countries, so you can easily sell to the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia with the same listing.  All you have to do is support shipping to those countries on your posting template and eBay will automatically expose you to more buyers.  Just make sure you’re ready for any increased work required by your shipper for international transactions.

Second, are you giving people additional opportunities to purchase?  Auction listings have a feature called Second Chance Offer and Fixed Price listings have the Best Offer feature.Both of these allow you to accept offers lower than the purchasing price, and can be very useful when you have additional quantity of the item and enough profit margin that moving additional units is more valuable than a slightly higher profit margin.  Once you configure your settings regarding how these offers should be handled, ChannelAdvisor will automatically process any requests from buyers to determine if they should be accepted or not.  Sellers using Second Chance Offer see about 30% of the offers accepted, and Best Offer provides not only additional sales but a way to reach out to those buyers whose offers aren’t accepted to encourage them to make other purchases with you.  All of those are free additional sales you can make on your items without any additional work.

Third, have you looked into Immediate Payment?  This allows you to guarantee that the buyer will pay for the item when they purchase it at eBay, eliminating the hassle of Unpaid Items and preventing your quantity from being tied up with a buyer that never completes the purchase.  With the new Shopping Cart at eBay, buyers can now consolidate immediate payment items together so they can take advantage of combined shipping rules and discounts that you might have for buyers that purchase multiple options.  It’s the best of both worlds.

These three steps can help you increase your sales, reduce the amount of time involved managing your business, and reduce the problems of non-payment.  There are plenty more where these came from, and we’ll look at those in a future post.

Blog post by Marshall Smith, ChannelAdvisor Technical Lead, eBay

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