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5 Emerging E-Commerce Marketplaces to Consider for the Holidays

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Amazon may be the go-to destination for many holiday shoppers, but the marketplace giant is far from the only online channel consumers will use this season. As buyers get increasingly savvy at exploring products and comparing prices, they’re turning to a fast-growing array of options to meet their needs.

How many of them will discover your products outside of Amazon?

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, now’s the time to ensure your products are visible on as many marketplaces as possible. Here are five niche, emerging and fast-growing options to consider.

Google Express: Emerging Marketplace for Holiday Selling

Google Express

If you haven’t yet started testing out Google Shopping Actions and Google Express, now’s the time. This fast-growing marketplace is going to be a BIG attraction for holiday shoppers this year. 

With the holiday shopping frenzy in sight, many sellers are already racing to get products listed on Google’s transactions platform. As the future of Google-based shopping, this fast-growing marketplace opportunity will allow you to surface inventory via Google Search, Google Express and the Google Assistant — all through one centralized interface.

Pricefalls: Emerging Marketplace for Holiday Selling


Last year, this fast-growing niche marketplace experienced its highest holiday sales performance ever. From Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday 2017, net revenue was up 32%.

That number is just one indicator among many of where Pricefalls is heading. With a reported 37,000+ categories available to sellers, and with the number of active users increasing at a 122% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), there’s an abundance of opportunity to reach purchase-ready holiday shoppers.

And unlike many other marketplaces, Pricefalls shares full marketing rights with all sellers. That means you can contact consumers directly to help drive sales throughout the season.

Wish: Emerging Marketplace for Holiday Selling


With more holiday purchases than ever happening on smartphones, optimizing for mobile is a must. And Wish is the perfect marketplace to achieve just that. The original mobile-first, app-based marketplace is now the world’s sixth largest e-commerce company with 300 million active smartphone users in the US and Europe.

Shoppers favorite and save products in mobile wishlists, and then see products and promotions filtered to match those preferences. So if your products fill a highly targeted holiday shopping need, Wish is a great way to go.

Hollar: Emerging Marketplace for Holiday Selling


This mobile-friendly marketplace is all about the joy of discovery, making it ideal for holiday shoppers in search of inspiration for gift giving, decorating and hosting. Many purchases are made without using the search function, which means Hollar is a place shoppers come to browse and explore.

It can be an ideal marketplace for sellers looking to offload excess inventory or gain visibility for competitively-priced products. Often referred to as an “e-commerce version of the dollar store,” Hollar is great niche for inexpensive listings in categories like toys, gifts and electronics. And while the marketplace suggests sticking to products priced under $50, many shoppers regularly fill their shopping carts with numerous items.

Walmart: Emerging Marketplace for Holiday Selling


With online sales soaring 40% in recent months, Walmart is one of the most promising opportunities for e-commerce holiday sales. With an ever-expanding range of categories and competitive shipping options, Walmart’s online marketplace should be an integral part of every growing seller’s portfolio this season.  

Looking for more marketplace ideas you can use to make this your most profitable holiday season yet?

We have plenty! ChannelAdvisor supports more than 100 channels globally, and is developing new partnerships every day. We’ve pulled together some of our top recommendations for expanding sellers that will be especially helpful in preparing for Q4. If you’d like to discover even more marketplace opportunities to take your holiday sales to the next level, be sure to check out these resources:

Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published on September 13, 2017. It has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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