eHoo!! – here we come?

June 18, 2007

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Long-time eBay Strategies readers know that my big prediction is that it makes sense for eBay and Yahoo! to merge sooner rather than later.  With Semel out, it’s time for eBay to swoop in and fill the chart that Meg always shows with “net activities”:  “Search/Buy/Pay/Communicate/Entertertain” where eBay owns Buy/Pay/Comm but not search.

This fits in so many ways it really is a perfect match. This gets eBay back into Asia with ecommerce, it gives eBay/Y!/PayPal a Google Checkout option. The Y! toolbar+skype are a great desktop combo. Skype and YIM go well together.  Y!’s graphical ads would come onto eBay and eBay sellers could buy them.  Y!’s graphic ads could monetize Skype.  Yahoo Stores is a great fit for eBay.  Meg gets revenge on Alibaba/Jack Ma.  The list goes on and on!

The list goes on.

Yahoo: $37b
eBay: $43b
Total: $80b (see the math is even clean!)

Lots of costs come out of there as you merge the Y! editorial staff with eBay T+S (it’s the same function at the end of the day), you get rid of all the SG+A duplication.  Meg is CEO, Sue runs the Y! group.

Come on guys, what’s it going to take to get this done?