EBay’s New Product Identifier Requirements: A Win-Win for Sellers

June 18, 2015

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EBay forewarned of this in the 15.1 seller release, but starting June 29, product identifiers — including brand name, manufacturer part number (MPN) and different global trade item numbers (GTINs), such as UPC, EAN or ISBN — will be required for new listings of branded items in new and manufacturer-refurbished condition within many categories.

Acquiring the data may take a little extra work if you don’t already have it, but this change is for the better. Not only will it make it easier for shoppers to find and buy your items, but listings with these product identifiers receive better visibility — both on eBay and through outside search engines — and are also eligible for inclusion in more deals and promotions.

If you’re already selling on other marketplaces like Amazon.com or advertising with Google’s Product Listing Ads, then you likely already have the data that eBay will require for certain categories. You’ll just need to make sure the data is being sent to eBay.

ChannelAdvisor sellers, please see below to understand how this impacts you.

For details on this change, check out eBay’s official announcement in its 2015 Spring Seller Update.

So, what are you waiting for? Start taking full advantage of these benefits now by including product identifiers for all of your items. Don’t let the June 29 deadline sneak up on you!

What Does This Mean for ChannelAdvisor Customers?

ChannelAdvisor customers simply need to map this information in the eBay posting template using the Product Identifier fields as well as the Item Specifics fields (screenshots below). If you’ve already upgraded to the new template, use the Product Identifier section to map your UPC, EAN or ISBN values (Image 1 below). Brand and MPN are required to be mapped as Item Specifics (Image 2 below). The Item Specifics section will note any Brand and MPN requirements for your category. It’s a best practice to map in both the Product Identifier and Item Specifics sections to maximize visibility of your listings. We strongly recommend taking action in both sections.

Image 1 – Product Identifier Section (New Template)

eBay Product Identifier Section (New Template)

Image 2 – Item Specifics Section (New Template)

eBay Item Sepecifics (New Template)

If you’re still using the previous version of the template, the UPC, EAN or ISBN values can be mapped in the eBay Product Information section of the posting template (Image 3 below). Brand and MPN are required to be mapped as Item Specifics (Image 4 below). Brand and MPN requirements will be noted in the Item Specifics section. Again, mapping to both the Product Information and Item Specifics sections will maximize visibility of your listings.

Image 3 – eBay Product Information Section (Old Template)

eBay Product Information Section (Old Template)

Image 4 – Item Specifics Section (Old Template)

eBay Item Specifics Section (Old Template)

You should also consider upgrading your template! Instructions at the top of the template will walk you through the steps to upgrade, and you can contact ChannelAdvisor Support with any questions.

To identify existing listings that are missing product identifiers, use the eBay Insights feature. Just search for “UPC,” “MPN” or “BRAND” in the message name to filter for each type of value (Image 5 below). If you already have product identifiers stored in ChannelAdvisor, just make sure your templates have this information mapped, and you’ll be all set!

Image 5 – eBay Insights view with Listings Missing MPN values

eBay Insights View with Listing Missing MPN Values

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