eBay – Taking Advantage of New ChannelAdvisor Options

May 9, 2013

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who has watched eBay for the last few years has seen enormous change in
the marketplace.  The changes have been for the better, introducing new
features, different ways to buy and sell, and a vibrant mobile
platform.  These changes have opened new opportunities for eBay sellers,
and ChannelAdvisor has been developing enhancements that allow you to
capitalize on these new features.

Earlier this year, we added a new option
to no longer have to set aside inventory for eBay for your product
listings.  Our recommendation is that sellers use this new option in
order to allow maximum exposure of products across all channels.  If you
would prefer to have it explicitly set aside for the eBay listing ,
then you still have the option to have quantity allocated specifically
for that individual listing.  Alternatively, if you would like to keep
the quantity available for other marketplaces as part of our Inventory Juggler
feature, then you can leave quantity with the SKU and only set aside
each item as a buyer purchases it at a marketplace.  By using the
Inventory Juggler feature, you can increase the visibility of your items
both on eBay and other marketplaces, thus increasing your sales by
exposing your items to additional buyers without any additional work or


Another recently added feature is the eBay Global Shipping Program
(GSP).  eBay developed GSP to make it easier for US-based sellers to
deliver items internationally without additional work for the seller.
The process is simple: sellers ship items to a domestic warehouse in
the US and the eBay service takes over upon arrival. The integration is
designed to be automatic; you can continue to fulfill items exactly as
you have done before with no changes to your process.  Starting in
March, the seller’s international address is also available if you would
like to review that for anti-fraud, remarketing or sales analysis
reasons.  We’ve previously covered GSP in detail, and now would be a great time for you to consider this option if you hope to expand your reach to additional buyers.


you have listed your items, you’ll then want to monitor the listings to
update any information that needs a refresh, to see which of your items
are selling the best and to monitor the performance of open listings.
With the new information we have provided in our recently revamped Open Listings, Closed Listings and Listing Errors
views, you can configure the columns and information to show exactly
the information you want in the order you want to see it.  Simply use
the Columns button to select your columns, and you can drag the columns
back and forth to change the order.  Filters at the top of each column
allow you to quickly refine the information to show only the records of


Each month we have quite a number of updates to the ChannelAdvisor platform.  Make sure to read the release notes
each month to see the new and exciting features that have been added
and updated.  Next month we will have an update on the eBay spring
release with additional guidance on how you can take advantage of the
new features eBay has announced in its Spring 2013 update.

Blog post by Marshall Smith, ChannelAdvisor Technical Lead, eBay

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