eBay Live Keynote highlights and reactions…

June 14, 2007

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor


Tonight’s eBay Live keynote was pretty long and featured Meg (on eBay Inc), Rajiv (PayPal) and Bill Cobb (eBay.com/marketplaces).

Here are my rough notes of highlights from the event:


  • Talked about eBay winning the Webby award (interesting note, eBay chose ChannelAdvisor customer, Lanny Morton at sportscloseouts to receive the award – congrats Lanny).  Meg mentioned their 5 word acceptance was: “Bidding starts at 99 cents”.
  • Then she covered some stats, did the feedback game and the usual stuff.
  • There was a good GivingWorks video (Note: we are big supporters and the top sellers in the program are CA customers).  Meg then handed the event over to Rajiv


  • Talked about the big outage last week, I wasn’t clear on the message here – something about the OS?  I didn’t get warm-fuzzies from that one.
  • PayPal is taking the keyfob (I’m a big keyfob fan so this is AWESOME) out of beta and making it available to all paypal+ebay sellers.
  • Losses due to chargebacks are down 20% due to the resolution centre
  • New payment review feature coming out that will flag potentially dodgey transactions and put them in limbo until payment clears, then you are covered.
  • Seller protection – they are going to try and get all addrs confirmed


  • eBay Express Update:
    • An item in cart every 4 seconds
    • Every 60 secs apparel item sells
    • 9/10 EE buyers met/exceeded expectations
  • No fee increase in July!  (Some sellers I talked to took note of the careful July mention, not leaving out Aug-Dec)
  • Trust and Safety
    • Recapped Feedback 2.0/DSRs, counterfeits, (didn’t mention SMI), etc.
  • Played a video about the boring dullness of shopping and then introduced some new language (Some of this was tongue in cheek, but came off pretty cheesy):
    • “We put the Shazam in Ca-ching”
    • I could have sworn the video said: “take a risk, buy something on eBay” – hopefully that won’t make the cut into a commercial or anything.  I wanted to check, but a different ad is playing on the keynote site.
    • “Rockin Deals”
    • Ever been to cloud ten?
    • And this one seems to be something we’re going to hear a lot more of:
    • Windorphins
    • eBay has an entire microsite here. around Windorphins.  they even have a little graphic where Windorphins are these little sometimes one-eyed, sometimes two-eyed, eBay-coloured tribble-esque thingies:


  • They he talked about some of the fun things coming down the pike:
    • eBay countdown – web2-ish countdown thing.
    • Some changes to the homepage
    • One click bid thing so you don’t have to refresh the listing
    • Myworld2 (adds guestbook and counters)
    • Markdown manager in stores
  • A bunch of other things around the powerseller and store programs (support and discount on anchor, volume criteria for powersellers, etc.)
  • They now have 90 TSAMs in SLC
  • Pampering powerbuyers
  • Finding changes (these could be good, waiting to see more)
    • Checkout playground.ebay.com
    • Advantaging powersellers in bestmatch search results (this could be good – some positive “carrot” feedback vs. the fee “stick”)
  • UPI insurance for powersellers (this is good) where you get feature fees rebated (what about listing fees?)

Finally and most importantly, Bill announced a “summer relief” program, they are lowering the first tranche of FVF fees on core from 5.25% to 4.5%.  Working through the math on that for your average $50 item, the typical FVF fee is: $1.31 (tranche1 – 5.25*$25) + .81 = $2.12.   With the discount you’re at: 1.13+.81=$1.94 for a .18/item sold discount or for the $50 item it takes the FVF take rate from 4.24% to 3.88%.  That’s about a 10% discount on the FVF which is better than a stick in the eye!

Will this accelerate listings?  I don’t think so, but sellers still appreciate it.  More on listings coming soon.