Buyers Find What They’re Looking For Faster with eBay Grouped Listings

October 25, 2017

Marketplaces Barbara Riccardi By Barbara Riccardi

In 2015, eBay started the push for product identifiers. Then came the request for sellers to utilize more item specifics and structure data — well, it’s all been leading up to this — eBay has created a new way to shop: eBay Grouped Listings. This new feature allows buyers to search eBay’s large catalog and find the item they’re looking for in less time.

Here’s how it works: When you search for a specific product like “Bose headphones,” you can choose to group similar listings.

ebay grouped listings

When you choose this option, you’ll no longer see the same product listed multiple times within your search results. Instead, you will see the most relevant products for your search, and each product will be shown on an organized, structured page. Each search result will summarize and provide pricing options for the offers available.

ebay grouped listings

Once you select an item from the search results, you will see the grouped listing page. You can choose the condition you are looking for (new, nearly new or used), evaluate price points and see product reviews — all on one detailed page.

ebay grouped listings

eBay leverages structured data to group listings together. The search relevancy algorithms are using machine learning to show shoppers the best offer directly in the search results by taking things like UPC codes, model numbers, and product features into consideration. “We’ve also made the functionality ‘smart,’” says Jon Glick, vice president of search product at eBay. “The button will not appear in cases where most of the listings you’d see are unique, like antique teapots.”  

The grouped listings feature is currently live on desktop in the US, UK, Germany and Australia and will be available on mobile soon.

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