eBay Gambles the Brand (literally!)

May 22, 2008

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**Update – a reader actually pointed me to this press release that details more of the features and functionality of the new eBay slot machines.  You can watch a video here.

I’m out here in Las Vegas at the Goldman Sachs internet conference and stayed in one of the newer hotel casinos that has lots of the newer branded casino games.  Imagine my surprise when I walked around a corner and saw this familiar brand:


So eBay seems to have licensed their brand to a line of casino games.  It’s really really cheesy.  This cluster of 10 machines is called a “community” (progressive pot or something) and then it’s basically a slot machine and in each column you have eBay logo letters, categories and ‘whimsical’ items you may find on eBay like a boot, baseball or a car.

Since JD has been at the helm for such a short time, I have to believe this was done under the Meg regime and with her tight views of brand, I’m really shocked that eBay would license the brand to something like this.

Kind of ironic that gambling sites can’t use PayPal, eh?