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January 29, 2008

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Rolling to the site in March.  Now linking search results with seller performance.  Algo includes time ending soonest, but also exposing the most trusted sellers more prominently will help make buyers have better buying experience.


The final straw for many buyers is retaliatory negatives.  Sellers are leaving it 8x more frequently than buyers.

Sellers can only leave positive feedback for buyers.

Crowd reaction is literally – WHAT?!!  Cobb has What?! slide.

Seller protections against inaccurate feedback:

  • remove UPI negs (if buyer doesn’t respond)
  • suspensions removed

If sellers have a good record, will not allow a negative in first 3 days.

Feedback % will be based on most recent 12 months, negs roll off.  But the number will be lifetime.

Feedback credit for repeat customers – 1 per buyer per week

Encourages retention of buyers.

Cobb is encouraging sellers to think about the overall package. You may not like one change, but think about them all.

Cobbs top 10 reasons to be excited about eBay:

11. seller dashboard
10. rolling 12 mo feedback
9. repeat feedback credit
8. unlimited paypal protection for PS
7.no confirmed any more
6. all countries
5. reduced featured-plus
4. pricing discounts for PS’ers
3. increased listing exposure for all sellers
2. free gallery
1. reduced insertion fees in core+stores


Working on the partnership with sellers.  This is a lot of change and change is never easy. Great service will make the difference at eBay in 2008 and it WILL be rewarded.