eBay e-commerce forum live blogging Keynote III

January 29, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Bill Cobb has taken the stage and is going through the details.  I covered most of this here, so will try and capture the nuances.

Covering what it is that makes a great seller


  • Pricing
  • Seller Standards
  • Feedback

Crowd gulp on increases in FVF slide, the lowest tier has the crowd freaked out.  Media sellers seem to be the most concerned (they fall into that $25 tranche).  The general buzz is that they will have to increase shipping.  More on this at the network break.

Bill covering the minimum of 4.5 DSR to be in PowerSeller program now.

Fee discounts – Majority of powersellers will qualify, over 60% 100k will qualify today.

Applause on fee discount program, Bill quips it’s his retirement gift to sellers.

Crowd applauds to confirmed address requirement being nuked for seller protection (for PS’ers)

Limits taken off and going global.  (applause)

(more to come)