eBay e-commerce forum live blogging Keynote II

January 29, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

JD continuing with the playbook analogy – eBay needs to take bold actions to react ot the changes around the World.


  • Want value and selection
  • Want to shop easily and quickly on eBay, best deals fast
  • Choose their format


  • Buyers and traffic
  • Marketplace experience that brings buyers back, rewarded for repeat biz
  • eBay’s fees to be more aligned with your success.  Listing fees deter you from listing.
  • Concerns around suspensions/TnS actions – predictability and transparency

Outline of plans:

  • Lower insertion and free gallery – this will reduce the up-front cost up to 50%
  • Powerseller program will have offer $ back to great sellers
  • Search algorithms will advantage high DSR sellers
  • Bad sellers that skimp on customer service or have high shipping+handling will face raising standards.  Sellers that want to be part of the program have to hit min DSRs
  • Revamping feedback
    • In last years has become bogged down with lots of issues
    • The way feedback works today is a turn off to buyers.
    • Retal negs is increasing and drives buyers, decreases trust
    • Hurts sellers’ businesses
    • Seller’s can’t neg buyers any more.

Firmly believe eBay’s best days lie ahead.  Top two reasons:

  1. All of you – not just the 220 sellers, but the millions of eBay sellers around the World
  2. Power of the marketplace we’ve created together, nothing like eBay,  unique and exciting shopping experience.

eBay can’t make that buyer experience itself.  The buyer experience is in the seller’s hands.  The playbook changes will give sellers the tools they need to satisfy buyers.

1:30 Q+A will be webcast – link is here.