eBay e-commerce forum live blogging – Breakout III Seller panel

January 29, 2008

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There are four sellers moderated by Matt Ledwith (ML).  I know two – Jon@Grapevinehill (GVH) and Sarah@fashionphile (FP).  I’ll call the other two guys seller1 and seller2.

Q: What do you think about today’s announcements:
S1 – generally happy
GVH – feedback, not sure if negative or positive
S2 – feedback is very concerning.
FP – I got hit with fee increase and VERY concerned about the power the new feedback rules put in the hands of buyers.

Q: Moviegoods.com – I’ve cut store listings with 30k store items
A: GVH – we use store listings as an added chance at selling something.

Q: This is for GVH, you guys are 4.6/4.7 on DSRs, can you get your DSR up?
A: GVH – no, I don’t think we’ll get to 4.8, feels like free ship required.

Q: Is there a better time shoeA sells better than shoeB?
A: GVH: evenings are the best, some day time activity.

Q: (from MattL) Do you publish your shipping and handling policies?
A: Free shipping gets 4.8/4.9

****Ah, Seller1 is Michael@gainesville coins (GC) and Seller2 is Stephen@ Thrilling Audio (TA)

(audience getting kind of worked up over shipping+handling DSRs, lots of rumbling and agitating).

Sellers at mic:
Q: I have a 4.8 on shipping and have free insurance and shipping.
(nxt) Q: There’s no way we should be accountable or have to explain what we charge for shipping!

Q: Debbie@snappy – we found when people leave feedback they don’t remember, so the closer to feedback time you can touch them, the better. You can try to put something in the box that says – we take great care to package everything, etc.
A: TA – we do do that and send the fees with the feedback request email.

Q: how do you nudge people to your website.
A: GC – websites are expensive
GVH -we prefer website sales.

Q: How do you drive sales to your website
A: How do you look at multi-channel.

GVH: Let customers know.
TA – we use google adwords and flyers
FP – we have tons of content on our website

Q: DSR Shipping question – some guy said in the last presentation said that his international feedback DSRs were lower – how’d he know?
A: ML – Bill told me that international is lower than US, we shared it with him.  We are looking into how we can get more info on feedback.

ML – think about these as starting points.

A: FP answered, pointed to tabberone’s site