Buy and Sell Luxury Items Effortlessly with eBay Authenticate

October 6, 2017

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By Tristen Stawicki

Recently, eBay announced the launch of an authentication program titled eBay Authenticate. This service offers a solution to alleviate any hesitancy that customers may have about purchasing higher priced items, and allows either buyers or sellers to join.

Sellers are able to opt-in by selecting “Sell with eBay Authenticate” upon starting a listing for eligible products. The item is then sent by using a prepaid shipping label or by dropping it off at a participating FedEx Office location, where Industry experts will authenticate, list, sell, and then ship the product to buyers. After the item is sold, sellers receive 80% of the final selling price. Through December 31, eBay is offering a limited time promotion where the seller receives 90% of the selling price.  

In an upcoming release, if a seller hasn’t opted into the authentication program, buyers on eBay can elect to have the item inspected. In this scenario, the buyer pays the fee and the same process occurs, in which an inspection is performed before the item ships.

Product prices are set based on expert research that compares similar products sold on eBay within the last 90 days. With the eBay Authenticate program, eligible items like handbags and wallets are listed for 60 days and if it doesn’t sell within that time frame, the product is returned to the seller at no cost.

The purpose of this program is to increase buy-in and consumer confidence in eBay purchases. If the item is found to be inauthentic, eBay has offered to refund the buyer twice the cost of the original purchase price, though additional terms and conditions may apply.

Currently, eligible items include handbags worth $500 or more from a select group of brands including: Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Gucci, Céline, Fendi, Christian Dior, Prada, Goyard, Balenciaga, and Burberry. However, eBay is currently accepting handbags worth $250 or more from these eligible brands for a limited time. Additional luxury brands and products will continue to be released next year.