Drive More Traffic with Amazon Sponsored Products

August 8, 2014

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Drive More Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

The Amazon marketplace, while a great selling opportunity, is getting more and more competitive. Driving buyers to your listings can be challenging, especially when you’re competing against Amazon. The good news? You can add another tool to your Amazon belt to gain a competitive edge: Amazon Sponsored Products.

Sponsored Products is a program that allows sellers to advertise their products on the Amazon search results page. These ads are based on keywords that match shoppers’ search queries. If you’re considering online ads to increase your product exposure, Sponsored Products is a great place to start. You can set up campaigns for all or a subset of products, and you incur costs only when shoppers click on an ad. Amazon displays your sponsored product ad only if you’re the Buy Box owner for that product. Customers who click your ad will be taken to your Amazon product listing page to (hopefully) complete the sale.

Sponsored Amazon Products

Create Sponsored Products campaigns based on what you want to accomplish: highlight new products, promote seasonal listings or drive traffic to products to boost their sales activity. The program is also beneficial for products that have the Amazon Buy Box but low page views.

New Features!

The Sponsored Products program continue to improve! The following are newer additions to the program:

  • Availability on New Devices: Originally for PC browsers only, Amazon Sponsored Products will now be delivered on tablet and mobile devices. Bonus: Given these devices’ minimal real estate, Sponsored Ads could have a better conversion rate since they cover more of the page than on a PC.


  • Updated Campaign Manager UI in Seller Central: Amazon has made several improvements to make managing Sponsored Ads easier. Look for simplified navigation, more sorting options, a view of Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and more.
    New Campaign Manager

  • Automated Targeting: Quickly set up and manage your ads with Amazon’s automated targeting system, which serves your ads to all relevant customer searches based on your product information.

Sponsored Ads vs. Product Ads: What’s the Difference?

Amazon’s other advertising program, Amazon Product Ads, also displays ads for products, but retailers don’t set up keyword targets (Amazon does that automatically). When shoppers click on an Amazon Product Ad, they’re taken away from Amazon to the retailer’s webstore, where they can make the purchase. Amazon Sponsored Products, however, are keyword driven and keep shoppers in the Amazon world to complete the sale.

Product Ads

The Fine Print

Sponsored Products is available on Amazon in the US, UK, Germany and France.

At this time, Sponsored Products is available in all marketplace seller categories except Apparel, Jewelry and Camera.

How to Use Amazon Sponsored Products

  • All Amazon sellers are eligible for Amazon Sponsored Products.

  • Agree to terms and set up your budget and campaigns within Seller Central under Promotions > Advertising > Campaign Manager.

  • Select your products and enter keywords (manually or with automated targeting) that will trigger your product ads to be shown.

  • When shoppers’ search queries include keywords you target, ads for your chosen products appear alongside search results — but only when you own the Buy Box.

  • Shoppers who click on your ad are taken to your Amazon product detail page.

  • You incur a fee when your ad is clicked, plus standard Amazon referral fees if the shopper purchases your item.

For more information on the new Campaign Manager, see Amazon’s Frequently Asked Questions (Amazon Seller Central sign-in required).

Navigate into Seller Central to Amazon Sponsored Products to try out the program.


Blog post by Gina DeFrank, ChannelAdvisor Product Manager

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