Dear ChannelAdvisor: Where Can I Find New Amazon Products or Categories to Sell In?

June 11, 2015

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dear channeladvisor

Dear ChannelAdvisor2

Where can I find new Amazon products or categories to sell in?


New Categories on the Block


Dear New Categories on the Block,

When considering or searching for new inventory to sell, the Amazon Selling Coach tool is a good place to start. This tool includes an area for product opportunities and will suggest products similar to those you’ve sold on Amazon in the past, as well as products that are popular with Amazon buyers.

Many retailers prefer to dig deeper into the specific sales analytics of certain products, and several websites offer great resources for determining product popularity and volume.

An important consideration when listing new products is whether they fall within gated or closed Amazon categories. Gated categories need preapproval and require sellers to complete an application process. Clothing & Accessories and Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses are two of the most popular gated categories. Check Amazon for a complete list.

You may also come across closed categories, which aren’t open to new third-party sellers. Jewelry and Textbook Rentals are the main categories here. Most of these categories are only temporarily closed, however, so don’t abandon all hope. For example, Amazon closes the Toys & Games category during the holiday season to ensure that only retailers with a proven track record are selling during that time.

If you’d like more information about this topic, this guide on gaining access to gated categories on Amazon is a great resource.


Best of luck,

Luke Evans

Manager, Marketplace Services