Dear ChannelAdvisor: What Level of Communication and Customer Service Should Amazon Sellers Maintain?

August 27, 2015

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As we host webinars, post blogs and interact on social media, we frequently receive questions from online retailers about how to best sell on Amazon. Some questions are specific and technical. Some are broad and strategy-based. Over the next few months (or longer — it depends on how many questions we get!), we’ll be answering your Amazon questions each week right here on our blog.

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We’ve been selling on Amazon for years, but new customer service issues pop up daily! For example, if there’s an issue with shipment due to weather, do we have to contact Amazon with that info? How do we get inaccurate reviews removed? How important is it to have a fast ship time?


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So many questions, so little time! Let’s dive in.


Today’s shoppers like receiving their orders quickly. The rise of Amazon Prime has almost singlehandedly reconditioned shoppers to expect fast, free shipping. But if your products aren’t eligible for Prime, or if you aren’t able to ship in a similar fashion, you should make that clear to the buyer and set realistic expectations. A good way to avoid delays — or dings to your seller reputation — is to use FBA.

Regardless of your fulfillment plan, make sure you’re protecting your reputation on all transactions by being honest with your customers. When shipping an order, update the customer with accurate tracking information as soon as you can. This also applies to situations involving severe weather. In the case of severe weather, it would be best to increase the estimated handling or shipping time that you pass along to Amazon for your listings. Amazon uses this information to calculate and display the estimated delivery times to buyers.

Inaccurate Reviews

If you receive an inaccurate review or claim that an item was not as described, and you feel that it is incorrect, be sure to respond to the customer quickly and contact Amazon Seller Support to explain the situation and seek guidance.

If you aren’t getting any feedback at all from customers, there are vendors that can help request reviews from buyers. (But consult your agreements with Amazon first to double-check the feedback-solicitation policies.)

As you know, good customer feedback is essential on Amazon. With that in mind, you should do all that you can to maintain good relationships with your buyers, from pre-sale activities through the fulfillment and feedback processes. This eBook is a great resource for advice on avoiding or navigating the bumps in the road that you may encounter during your Amazon selling journey.


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