Dear ChannelAdvisor: How Does Amazon Choose Which Listings get the Buy Box?

September 1, 2015

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dear channeladvisor

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I’m curious to know what the criteria is for my listings to earn the Buy Box on Amazon. Will anything other than a really low price get my product in the Buy Box?


Buy Box Beggar


Hi Buy Box Beggar,

Ah, you’ve asked the million dollar question. If you think that landing on the first page of Amazon search results is a big win, then capturing the Buy Box is the Holy Grail. It’s the result of doing everything right as an Amazon seller, and your reward is a product position that converts more often than products without it.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t release the algorithm it uses to award the Buy Box, and there’s no way to buy your way into that spot. Yes, maintaining a low price contributes to earning that precious real estate, but a few other strategies can increase your chances of getting there:

  • Become a High-Rated Seller: Demand a high level of customer satisfaction from yourself and your team, and keep your seller metrics high.
  • Maintain Available Quantity: Monitor your quantity levels and always keep enough inventory to meet demand.
  • Build a Successful Sales History: Develop a track record of converting sales and providing quality customer service.
  • Lower Your Refund Rate: Fulfill orders quickly and efficiently, and ensure your product descriptions are accurate.
  • Earn Positive Customer Feedback: Solicit feedback and resolve any negative responses immediately.
  • Reduce A-to-Z Guarantee Claims: Manage each claim quickly, and issue refunds where necessary.
  • Participate in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): FBA can handle your fulfillment and customer service elements, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

No one has cracked Amazon’s sacred Buy Box algorithm — but the good news is that best practices have been revealed. It takes time and patience to earn Amazon’s Buy Box, but as long as you follow the rules, you’ll be guaranteed a healthy Amazon business. Learn more about the tried-and-true ways to boost your Buy Box odds by reading 6 Quick Tips for Winning the Amazon Buy Box.


Best of luck,

Luke Evans

Director, Managed Services for Marketplaces