Dear ChannelAdvisor: How Can I Participate in an Amazon Gold Box Deal?

June 23, 2015

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As we host webinars, post blogs and interact on social media, we frequently receive questions from online retailers about how to best sell on Amazon. Some questions are specific and technical. Some are broad and strategy-based. Over the next few months (or longer — it depends on how many questions we get!), we’ll be answering your Amazon questions each week right here on our blog.

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How can I participate in an Amazon Gold Box Deal?


Goldie Locks


Dear Goldie Locks,

In an online world of endless product choices and price options, consumers have become notably value conscious. They know there’s always a great deal out there to be found. This is why deals have become popular for retailers. These certain promotions offer retailers a number of opportunities, including:

  • Liquidation: Deals are a great way to get rid of extra inventory.
  • Sales History: A quick burst of orders from a deal can give your sales history a boost.
  • Product Promotion: Deals bring a new level of exposure to a product you’re looking to highlight.

Amazon deals are invitation-only, so they can feel like an exclusive opportunity. The key is being persistent in your communication with Amazon about your desire to participate. And it can’t hurt to read up on the different types of deals available.

On Amazon, Gold Box or Lightning Deals are great ways to supplement and spice up your traditional listings, even if you’re the only seller of that product. Ultimately, Amazon decides which products are featured, so put forth your most appealing products and prices for selection. Also, keep in mind that Amazon always likes to see that you have a deep quantity of the product, so that you’ll be able to fulfill all orders that come in.


Best of luck,

John Bryan

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