Clarifications on Jim Ambach’s IMA keynote…

March 6, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Earlier in the week, I live blogged from the IMA conference Jim Ambach’s keynote. Here’s links to the series of posts if you missed it:  I, II, III, IV.

I got a note today from Jim clarifying some things he talked about that I either mis-blogged or didn’t understand.  They are:

  • I mentioned that the Seller Dashboard will have DSR’s to hundredths.  That is correct, but the clarification is that this will roll out AFTER the feedback changes (where sellers can no longer leave negatives for buyers) roll out.  As the seller dashboard will pre-date this, it will start with tenths and then go to hundredths. (e.g. 4.8 vs. 4.74).  This is still good news as when we launched DSRWatch it had hundredths and sellers love the extra visibility.  Hopefully this will come back in the API in addition to the seller dashboard.
  • I incorrectly thought Jim said that 80% of buyers don’t respond to the UPI process.  The correct statistic is: In 85% of UPI cases the seller receives a FVF credit and the buyer receives a strike, there is no response from the buyer.  This excludes cases where buyer and seller mutually agree to not proceed with the transaction.

At the IMA conference, it was clear that sellers still have a good deal of angst around the dispute resolution process (referenced in the second bullet).  The general (negative) feedback I get is:

  • It’s easy for fraudulent buyers to just respond to a UPI and say something like: “you stink” and that’s enough for eBay to count that as buyer communication.
  • The default settings from the buyers standpoint result in the seller not getting their FVFs.  The conspiracy theory is that eBay sets this up such that it minimizes the FVF payouts they’ll make.
  • Numerous other problems around the scalability and viability of the dispute management process.

It seems that eBay is taking in all this input and I’m optimistic that they will make changes to improve the dispute process.