5 Things ChannelAdvisor Support Wishes Sellers Knew About Jet.com

July 18, 2017

Marketplaces Laurel Lockhart By Laurel Lockhart

There are a lot of moving parts to a marketplace, so it’s only natural that an error message comes up a time or two. Today, we’re taking a look at Jet.com and going over some common questions that come across our desks over here in Support and hopefully clearing up some confusion sellers may have about common errors.

1: Error messages can come from our system or from Jet

Errors from Jet have “From Jet Marketplace” at the beginning of the message, while pre-validation errors, generated by our system, will not.  Primarily, we are checking to make sure you are providing all required fields and checking to make sure values in some fields are valid based on Jet’s taxonomy.

Identifying the source of the error is important because it can help you determine who to ask about your error. If the error is coming from ChannelAdvisor, speaking with Jet about it won’t help because they won’t have received the item yet.

2: Error messages from Jet don’t always mean what they say.

A few examples of this include:

  • From Jet Marketplace: The product is outside of Jet’s terms and can’t be sold. (e.g. used products, firearms, etc.)
  • From Jet Marketplace: The product is missing listing data. Additional information: Missing image

In the case of the first error, the item could be manufactured by a restricted brand. Or the item could be valid to sell on Jet, but your price is just not considered competitive.

The second error generally indicates that the image you’re sending is not valid or wasn’t processed correctly, not that it’s actually missing.

In both cases, to correct the problem, you would want to reach out to Jet support directly to determine what the issue is.

3: The review process takes time.

Jet manually reviews items before making them live on its website. While items submitted by sellers are under the review process, they’ll receive an error that states “From Jet Marketplace: The product is being reviewed for data quality.”

Jet controls this process, but you can do a few things to help speed it along:

  • Only send items with quantity. Jet won’t review an item unless it is available for sale, so having too many items out of stock can slow down the review process. Only including in-stock items to begin with will give you a smoother start.
  • Include product identifiers. The more product identifiers you have (UPCs, ASINs, ISBNs, etc.), the easier it is for Jet to match your item to an existing listing, which accelerates the review.
  • When in doubt, reach out to Jet support. Jet support can provide insight on where your items are in the review process and what changes you could make to help speed things along.

4: Distribution centers are determined by Jet.

In our system, you can configure a distribution center (DC) priority list to determine which DC should be given priority over another. This list will work for all marketplaces except Jet. For Jet, the DC is sent to us with the order and is based on the warehouse’s proximity to the buyer. Therefore, Jet might decide you should fulfill an order using the more expensive option of Multichannel FBA (MCFBA) even if you still have quantity in your own warehouse.

5: Jet ultimately determines pricing.

When you’re selling on Jet, you’re actually selling the item to Jet, who turns around and sells it to the buyer. This means that although you set a price and will be paid your full commission by Jet based on your price, it’s possible that Jet will decide to sell the item at a lower price, resulting in less profit (but hopefully more sales) for them.

To accurately manage your sales on Jet, it is especially important to utilize the minimum advertised price (MAP) settings in ChannelAdvisor’s Jet template on items where you can’t sell below the manufacturer’s price. This step is critical even if you are sending the MAP price as the selling price to prevent Jet from adjusting the price on their side.

That’s all for now, but keep an eye out for more channel-specific blogs from our support team. For additional in-depth resources, advice from fellow ChannelAdvisor clients and much more, be sure to visit the new ChannelAdvisor Community!