Channel Advice Episode 4: Leveraging eBay’s Promotional Tools

April 17, 2017

Marketplaces Anna Torres By Anna Torres

Welcome back to another episode of Channel Advice, a video series where we take on your most pressing e-commerce questions in quick, easy-to-watch-during-lunch clips (because let’s be honest, we’re all short on time!)

This week’s episode was filmed live at Catalyst Americas 2017, where we were able to snag Adi Behara and Shefali Singla away from the eBay booth to talk a little about two of eBay’s powerful promotional tools: Promotions Manager and Promoted Listings.

While these tools have been around for a little while now, a question we get often is:

“What are the benefits of eBay Promotions Manager and Promoted Listings?”

Shefali and Adi explain it best, but the big picture here is that while Promoted Listings helps sellers increase traffic and get more eyeballs on your listings (eBay reports boosts in visibility by an average of 30%!), Promotions Manager helps sellers actually convert that traffic into sales.

Pro tip: Combine Promotions Manager with Promoted Listings to truly maximize the power that these tools have to capture and convert buyers. By using a Promoted Listings campaign within a promotion you create via Promotions Manager, you can showcase key products while merchandising your other products to buyers each time they click through from a Promoted Listing.

If you’re not already selling on eBay, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. We’re talking $86 billion in annual GMV huge. Apply today to get started on one of the world’s largest marketplaces!

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