Boost Your Visibility with Amazon Product Ads

January 30, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.59.18Are you looking for additional advertising channels to build your brand exposure in 2014? If you haven’t already considered Amazon Product Ads, this could be the perfect time to take advantage of this highly targeted advertising channel.

Amazon Product Ads are advertisements on the Amazon marketplace that enable retailers to drive shoppers directly to their e-commerce site on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Unlike listing directly on the marketplace, Product Ads link shoppers directly to the seller’s site, where the transaction takes place. As you control the branding and overall buying experience on your website, these ads give you the opportunity to offer a more tailored and specific experience to shoppers. Shoppers who purchase from you directly become a part of your customer base and you have the opportunity to advertise related products or upsell merchandise following the purchase.

Is the setup different to listing on Amazon?

Merchants can set up an Amazon Product Ads account in much the same way as they would an account on Amazon Marketplace, through submitting a detailed product feed, and filling out some basic seller information. The difference is that Amazon Product Ads are labelled as Product Ads from External Websites on Amazon’s search engine results (SERP) pages, 

Where are adverts located?

Amazon varies the placement of its ads to drive targeted traffic to your products on your website. The ads can be displayed on search, browse and related products pages.


Visibility is the key to success, so Amazon is constantly testing and optimising these ad placements to ensure you’re getting your products in front of potential customers in the most effective way.

Image003If your products are the same or similar to existing products on Amazon, then your ads will be displayed on special widget placements on the product detail pages, targeting relevant customers who are looking for products like yours.

If the products you want to advertise are unique, Amazon will create a new detail page for your product from the information you provide, and apart from showing on search and browse pages, it could also appear on the Buy Box.

Starting out

When starting out, you’ll want to get a good understanding of the appetite for your products by listing a broad range of your items and investing time to make sure you have the best possible product data.

To create your ads, you’ll need to provide the following information: Product type, category, product title, a unique SKU for each product, a URL for the associated product page on your website and an image. You’ll also need to include a product price and any delivery charges that the customer may incur.

Amazon Product Ads

Although it’s not required, using a valid UPC or EAN will increase matching accuracy and relevance to a customer’s search. A UPC is a 12-digit identifying number that’s unique to each product and is usually provided by the manufacturer, brand owner or licenced distributor. An EAN is a European Article Number, which is 13 digits long that features 12 numbers of data and one check.

Alongside these details, you’ll need to provide a description that provides customers with detailed information about the product, including key features. This is a distinguishing feature of Amazon Product Ads that allows you to provide customers with detailed product and offer information at no charge. As a result, customers are able to make better buying decisions, which qualifies the traffic clicking through to your website. The quality of the information you provide about your products will affect your ROI and Amazon’s ability to best target your ads.

You can also add up to five keywords for each product you advertise. We suggest putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and use the same terms that are popular on your own webstore or in your paid search campaigns. There’s a 50-character limit on a single keyword, so shorter single keywords rather than phrases are more suitable for this section. Don’t forget that keywords shouldn’t include third-party brands unless you’re offering legitimate replacements for that brand.

How can you budget and monitor costs?

Unlike many other CPC advertising programs, Amazon Product Ads allow you to set a daily budget and cap your spending. This helps you to avoid traffic spikes than can drain a monthly budget in a short time. Amazon will moderate the daily spend so that in any calendar month, your average spend is equal to your daily budget. This is a great feature for testing the waters when starting out and gauging how much budget you should allocate to this advertising channel. Do make sure to allocate enough budget so as not to run out too early, as you might miss clicks from good traffic later in the day that will be important for your evaluation of this channel.

If you were considering new avenues for advertising exposure in 2014, then these highly targeted ads could help you reach engaged Amazon shoppers, acquire new customers, and increase sales.


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