Blogging from Catalyst Europe 2013: eBay

June 3, 2013

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

We hope everyone enjoyed the first day of Catalyst EU. Here are some of the key facts and insights from eBay’s keynote session this morning.

Speaker: Tanya Lawler,VP of UK Trading, eBay

Title: How to Win in Today’s Emerging Omnichannel
Retail World

Ebay is
a different business today because buyer expectations changed

 There have been major changes how people shop and changes in service

  • Customers are now in charge
  • Technology enables the changes in way people shop
  • Today eBay has 116 Million Active Users
  • In the UK, an item is sold every second on a mobile device

Customers What to Shop How They Want

  • Mobility is at the core of eBay’s strategy
  • Mobile is eBay’s fastest growing commercial channel
  • Mobile is quickly becoming the new normal
  • The eBay mobile app has been downloaded162 Million times Worldwide in 190 Countries
  • eBay has $20 Billion in global mobile sales
  • Mobile leads to snacking behaviour—little nuggets of engagement.  eBay hopes to help retailers capture those
    moments that are ‘little and often’
  • £13B in purchase Value in 2012 on Mobile in the UK

Want Their Items When They Want Them

  • Delivery time estimate is
    among the top factors influencing online shopping
  • Delivery – the new norm is that they want it when they want
  • Delivery dates are the biggest barrier to purchase
  • 30% of consumers expect to see overnight shipping as an
  • 42% of online shopers have abandoned shopping due to
    delivery dates

is Evolving to Meet Customer Needs

  • From used, unique and off-price inventory to new and
    abundant selection
  • Transformation from mission shipping (those specialty, hard
    to find items) to inspirational, personal and relevant items
  • The goal is to inspire and engage shoppers and instill
  • Changing from serving just developed markets to  becoming a global seamless marketplace
  • Changing from being desktop-centric to anytime, anywhere and
    any device.
  • Ambition is to achieve snacking behaviour that shoppers come
    back to eBay to find out what is new and interesting and what is inspiring and
    what are other people doing?


 Ultimately buyer wants retailers to know what they want and
make it easy for them to find it.  They
also want to be inspired

  • Personalised experience should occur across all categories
    from fashion to home and garden to things for your car
  • eBay wants to make every experience personalized and
  • eBay also wants to present the best selection for customers.  The best way for them to do that is to
    partner with retailers across all categories

Have Changed

  • Spectacular Sundays are now Spectacular Weekends
  • There are numerous holiday events
  • Promotions are no longer just about deep discounts
  • There are new category promotions to showcase the array what
    is available on eBay
  • Daily Deals move lots of product quickly
    • 2,200  units of Cadbury Crème Eggs L33K
    • 4200 Units of bedroom slippers for
    • eBay is now backing up Promotions with marketing support- 14
      Million Emails sent on behalf of promotions

for Expansion

  • eBay expect to have 200M buyers by 2015
  • eBay opportunity is huge with 58% of ecommerce growth coming
    from emerging economies
  • 64% of EU Buyers will be outside of UK and DE by 2016
  • eBay enables 19% of global ecommerce
  • 19M UK unique visitors by market


  • 20% of eBay’s business is cross border trade
  • 150 different countries buy from UK sellers
  • 80% of eBay would buy cross border for the right product

is a Retailer Enabler

  • eBay is a retail platform not a retailer
  • The goal is to facilitate engagement for customers globally
  • eBay offers Cross Channel, Globally Selling, Demand Generation
    or Logistics services, eBay can help
  • The key thing is to know your customers and move with them.

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