[Automotive Customer Success] PerformanceParts.com Approached International E-Commerce at Full Throttle

November 3, 2015

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Once upon a time in Piney Flats, Tennessee, lived an automotive parts company that increased its sales more than 250% year over year. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.

Let’s start from the beginning.

PerformancePartsPerformanceParts.com — an online hub that sells high-quality brands and products in the performance aftermarket — started listing on Amazon and eBay about five years ago. But the company quickly ran into inventory-management issues as soon as its e-commerce business took off. Not only was it difficult to update product listings, but the team couldn’t keep track of the flood of international orders — all common obstacles for online retailers.

How did this story gain a happy ending?

PerformanceParts.com read about ChannelAdvisor in an Internet Retailer article and decided to explore our e-commerce platform in attempts to automate its product data management. Soon after starting with ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, PerformanceParts.com drastically increased its SKU count on eBay Motors (by 600%!). With more SKUs came more customer needs, which then led to even more overseas order requests.

With ChannelAdvisor’s assistance, the company began using the Global Shipping Program on eBay (GSP) to ship items from its domestic warehouses and deliver products to international buyers. And to meet the needs of niche audiences, the auto parts company expanded its presence to Newegg and Sears.

ChannelAdvisor’s software supplied PeformanceParts.com with automated delivery of product data to every online destination, trouble-free inventory management and the capability to expand internationally. *Cue the fairytale intro* Since the company began focusing on international business and emerging marketplaces, PerformanceParts.com grew its product quantity and revenue across all channels — an increase in regional sales of more than 250% year over year, and an increase in international sales by well over 100%.

We couldn’t be happier that our assistance was a valuable asset to PerformanceParts.com’s e-commerce growth.

ChannelAdvisor will be attending SEMA this year, from November 3 – 6. If you’re interested in discussing your online selling strategy and finding out how ChannelAdvisor’s multichannel platform helps automotive retailers maximize sales across marketplaces and digital marketing channels, our automotive e-commerce experts will be available in booth 31235.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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