5 Things ChannelAdvisor Support Wishes Sellers Knew About Amazon

August 25, 2017

Marketplaces Anna Torres By Luci Holbrook

There are a lot of moving parts to a marketplace, so it’s only natural that an error message comes up a time or two. Today, we’re taking a look at Amazon and reviewing some common questions that come across our desks over here in Support. Hopefully, we can clear up confusion sellers may have about common errors. Here are our top five tips to avoid errors while navigating the Amazon Marketplace.

1. Send UPC/EAN if you have it

Amazon is always trying to clean up its catalog, and UPCs/EANs are the best way to verify a new listing. UPCs and EANs are constant and cannot change. In most cases, Amazon will require each listing has a UPC or EAN. In some instances, an exception can be obtained via the Amazon Brand Registry program or by applying directly to Amazon.

2. The SKU preview tool within the template is your friend

Having a hard time resolving your errors or getting your items to list? The SKU preview tool is here to help! Within the Amazon template you can enter the SKU and see exactly what is being sent, what errors (if any) exist and which fields are missing values. Tool tips are another useful feature within the template. Simply click on any field and we will have detailed information and examples for what that field should include. The tool is in the upper right-hand corner of the Amazon template:

Amazon Default Template

3. Set up your secondary user account

Enabling the secondary user account allows Support to reach out to Amazon on your behalf if needed. It also handles your account health, Buy Box percentage and Buy Box insights data, displayed on the Amazon 360 Dashboard in your ChannelAdvisor account.

4. Matching errors need matching

When listing on Amazon, you may encounter a Product Matching Error. This error occurs when Amazon feels that your product may already be included in its catalog but a key piece of information is different and therefore the match is not exact. Amazon wants to ensure that you are matching your product with the correct product listing in the catalog to avoid buyer frustration, which will ultimately reflect negatively on you if the buyer makes a purchase and receives a product that differs from what was displayed on the listing.

When this error occurs, ChannelAdvisor will return a Product Matching Error in your Product Status > Errors view and provide you with a feature to allow you to view your product against the potential product matches that Amazon is suggesting.

With this feature, you have the option to:

  • Select a product from the Amazon list and update your product with Amazon’s suggested attribute to ensure a match
  • Search Amazon for an alternative appropriate product match
  • Dismiss the error

5. Check your reconcilers

Within the Amazon > Settings > Amazon Settings >  Inventory Reconciliation page, our integration assumes that ChannelAdvisor is the “system of record” — meaning all updates to your inventory information should be made via the ChannelAdvisor platform. If you update your products directly on the marketplace, unanticipated results may occur, including the possibility of overselling. For this reason, ChannelAdvisor has created the Inventory Reconciler to help safeguard your listings from the possibility of overselling.

In addition to the inventory reconciler, we also have a Product Prices Reconciler. The price reconciler will detect any price differences on Amazon products managed by ChannelAdvisor and will replace the differences with the values set in ChannelAdvisor.

Please note: If the Product Prices box is left unchecked, no price updates will be sent from ChannelAdvisor. Price is required for new listings, so please be sure to review this setting.