Introducing Amazon Seller Stores for Third-Party Sellers

August 22, 2017

Marketplaces Ben Hedrick By Ben Hedrick

Recently, Amazon announced to its third-party marketplace sellers the ability to create Amazon Stores.

What Are Amazon Store Pages?

Amazon Stores is a free merchandising and advertising tool that allows sellers to leverage customizable pages of a storefront to showcase their brand’s product and story. This simple self-service tool gives sellers plenty of customizable and organizational features to build a unique experience with buyers. From a buyer’s perspective, an example of this store page is found in Amazon’s very own brand page for AmazonBasics.

Example of Amazon Store Pages

And after selecting a category page, the experience changes to showcase the products inside that category in more detail to include pricing (shown below).

Amazon Stores category page
Amazon points to several advantages of Amazon Stores for sellers, including the ability to:

  • Own a unique Amazon web address
  • Create multiple pages to showcase your product catalog
  • Start with pre-made mobile and desktop layouts
  • Receive traffic from Amazon search and detail pages

How do shoppers find my branded store?

When you access a PDP (Product Detail Page) for an item, most will include a brand-specific link that allows shoppers to access the brand’s landing page on Amazon (shown below in this AmazonBasics Battery example).

AmazonBasics batteries

Another way Amazon will make these pages referenceable is through organic or direct search.  Once a store page is built, a new URL will be generated that connects that brand’s landing page with a friendly indexed text string easily identified in Google search and accessible directly in your favorite browser or Amazon’s search.  The URL below is an example of how this will look:{{Your-Brand-Here}}

Before, the text strings were less definitive, but Amazon has now made a conscious effort to simplify the URLs, which could impact how brands may rank organically outside searches.  

How do I create an Amazon Store Page?

  1. Access your seller central page
  2. Access the “Storefront” tab
  3. Hit “Create Store”

Amazon Store pages offer four options to merchandise your products:

  • Marquee – Promote multiple product lines with large images and stories about your products
  • Product Grid – Display a large number of related products in your catalog
  • Highlight – Showcase one flagship or top-selling product line with a large image or video
  • Blank – Customize your own store page

One of our favorite features of the program is the ability to have Amazon leverage your keywords to select multiple products at bulk for your page. It can be very time consuming to manually select items for your Amazon Store page, but this tool works and saves a fair amount of time.

How do I use Amazon Stores?

Other than the customizable and merchandising reasons mentioned above, these store pages can benefit your business in other ways. For example, you can:

  • Use Headline Search Ads (prominent ad placement above relevant search results) to market your store to a qualified audience
  • Link your store in the brand byline on your product detail pages (explained above)
  • Advertise your store on social media (shoppers can also share your store within their networks)
  • Learn more about what appeals to your store’s visitors by using the built-in reporting tools

Amazon stores reporting tools

How do I become eligible?

  1. Enable brand registry on some of your product set
  2. Enroll in sponsored products

Completing both of these steps should grant you the ability to enroll into the program.

We expect to see the value of creating these pages reflected in sales for our clients as we move into the holiday season. Amazon continues to deliver new tools and programs for brands and we recommend giving them a try to see how they might improve your visibility to buyers.