Amazon live blogging from ChannelAdvisor Catalyst UK

April 13, 2010

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Matt Henderson, Director of Merchant Services for Amazon UK presented today, these are my live blogging notes. I did is on an iPad so apologies for any typos.

Amazon is obsessed with selection, pricing and customer service. EGM was up 56% y/y and prob the best metric for our audience.

Amazon loves the single buyer page model – one product , lots of sellers.

The buy box is the single biggest driver of a seller’s volume. Customer service, via your trust score that is a reflection of your order defect rate is
Very important.

New focuses in 2010:

* auto parts – a rapidly growing Category that they are recruiting a lot of sellers for.
* lighting – same as above
* mobile – seller offers are now on mobile site and iPhone app.
* Used buy box – putting a new buy box that is 3p using
* attribute based navigation – older, but really getting traction now.

How to sell more on Amazon

* Check your customer metrics in your Amazon account as frequently as possible. Low metrics will result in suspension or no buy box exposure.
* they have several Seller Central Tutorials that they recommend all sellers view, even those with experience.
* site metrics – let’s you analyze your products to see best sellers and tweak your strategy. For example you may have a lot of volume, but not a lot of sales. Pricing is one lever, also that is a flag for FBA where Prime users aren’t buying your items.
* They are seeing greater use of variants and imagezoom features on the item page.
* Buyers use the guided shipping widgets that are attribute driven so sellers should make sure sending all attributes.
* Search optimization – make sure your browse nodes and keywords are optimised and you have
Descriptive text that includes your keywords in proximity.
* Conversions play a big role in the Amazon search engine.
* make sure your product titles are thorough, but do not include price or other items like NWT
* use FBA!


Getting a lot more use, the tools are better and the process Is faster based on seller feedback.
– he covered the usual FBA background and pros of the program (prime)

Then he went through a FBA case study of and then a DE seller babys und kids. The later enjoyed a 30% increase. Ajother seller doubled their sales in the first week.

They are offering an FBA promo to attendees.