Amazon Launches ‘Collections’ (And It Looks Just Like Pinterest)

August 5, 2013

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Last Thursday, Amazon introduced a new feature called ‘Amazon Collections.’ Though the launch was quiet, we needn’t an announcement to see that Amazon is directly contending with Pinterest – the Collections interface looks just like it.

Collections allows users to create themed boards and pin
their favourite products. Unlike Pinterest, which lets users gather images from all over the Internet, Amazon Collections boards only host products
listed on; the images link directly to the Amazon product page. Not all product pages have a native Collect button yet, but shoppers can
add the button to their browser bar and use it to add any product on to their Collections. The boards also incorporate collaborative
shopping features, allowing users to “follow” each other, and “heart”
items and add them to their own Collections. 

Amazon Collections

If we’re any good at reading between the lines, it looks
like Amazon’s doing a couple of things here.

Collections flavor
the shopping experience to the appetite of the modern consumer, who
has “to see it to believe (or buy) it.” Visual e-commerce (as opposed to
text-driven) is a megatrend, so it’s no surprise that Amazon is
capitalizing on images to enhance user experience and drive sales. Google
Shopping, eBay and Amazon have each put forth a concerted effort in the last 18
months to create more visually-driven experiences for consumers by
implementing gallery views, upping the stakes for acceptable product images
 and more.

What’s more interesting about Amazon Collections is the
value it adds to being an regular – it creates a formal platform for
communal shopping, social interactions, and product discovery
within the shopping environment.

It’s too early to say if this will have any direct impact on
merchants other than the potential for increased product exposure on Over the weekend we saw quite a few smaller third-party merchants’
products appear in the main Amazon Collections stream
. That said, it may be worth a spin for retailers to
encourage employees (or customers) to “collect” product images before the main feed
becomes saturated.

This feature is still in its beta phase, so keep tabs over
the next several months to see whether it’s adopted by Amazon shoppers. In the
meantime, make sure your product images are in tip-top shape – after all,
nobody wants to pin an ugly product photo!

What do you think of Amazon Collections? Let us know in the
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Blog by Natalie Sink, Content Marketing Strategist, ChannelAdvisor

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