Amazon Launches Amazon Giveaway: A Free Tool for Online Sweepstakes

February 23, 2015

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Amazon is on a roll with changes and new offerings this year — first with raising Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees and now with Amazon Giveaway.

Amazon Giveaway, which Amazon just launched, allows brands that currently sell on to easily run promotional giveaway contests — with just a few clicks and minimal campaign maintenance. Amazon runs the actual giveaway, notifies the winners and even handles shipping and tax reporting.

amazongiveawayThe only “fee” associated with running an Amazon Giveaway is the purchase of the item you choose to give away. (That item has to be sold and shipped by Even though Amazon Giveaway won’t let you auction off your own products as prizes, it can still be a great tool for retailers looking to boost brand loyalty and reward customers. For example, retailers can encourage shoppers to buy X amount of their products in order to be entered in their Amazon Giveaway for a chance to win X.

To quickly locate eligible giveaway prizes on Amazon, select ‘’ as the seller in the left-hand column of the search screen. If you see a “Set up an Amazon Giveaway” section near the bottom of the product detail page, the item is eligible. The only exclusions are digital items (songs, movies, apps, etc.), gift cards, Kindle and Fire devices and items that require special handling.

setupEven though Amazon is running the show, you as a giveaway host can set the stage for your sweepstakes during the initial setup phase. For example, do you want to grow your social media following? Amazon provides the option to require participants to follow your Twitter account before they can enter. Additionally, you’ll also choose between one of two prize models:

1.  First-come, first-served gives prizes to the first set number of eligible entrants. This model encourages entrants to respond quickly. The giveaway ends when all the prizes are claimed.

2.  Lucky number gives a prize to every set number of entrants. For example, every 25th entrant wins, up to 10 total winners. This model generates more entrants, and the giveaway is likely to last longer.

Once the giveaway setup is complete, Amazon provides a shortened link that you can share through whichever outlets you choose — email, social media, your website, etc.


This is what your giveaway link destination will look like. In the example above, the retailer requires entrants to follow their Twitter account to enter the giveaway.

Giveaways are a great way to create positive buzz about your brand, increase brand loyalty, reward your audience and grow your customer base. Their shareable content produces immediate results, measurable ROI and instant gratification — with little to no costs for the retailer. This nifty new Amazon tool is especially great for retailers, big or small, that may not have the time, budget or resources to create giveaway contests on their own.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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