5 Tips for Selling More on Rakuten’s Play.com This Christmas

December 5, 2013

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 13.58.51Behind only Amazon and eBay, Rakuten’s Play.com is the third-largest online marketplace in the U.K. and will likely be a vital component in a retailer’s success this Christmas. To take full advantage of selling on Rakuten’s Play.com, make sure that your entire product catalogueueueue is available on the Rakuten marketplace, allowing you to utilise each of the following tips.

1. Include Your Product in Regular Promotions

Rakuten’s Play.com offers regular promotions through its marketplace, and it’s essential that you include your products in such promotions on a regular basis to help drive sales. To participate in a promotion, retailers simply should approach Rakuten and discuss the brand and products they are interested in promoting. Particularly around the Christmas season, Rakuten’s Play.com will be offering its customers a variety of promotions, many of which could align with your products and target customers.

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Promotions such as One Day Deals offer retailers a great opportunity to see an influx of sales in a short amount of time.

2. Nominate Your Product for the Deal of the Day

Rakuten’s Play.com also offers a Deal of the Day (DOTD), where a product, or multiple products, is reduced in price for one day only. Apple’s iPad Air, a product that will likely receive a high degree of attention this Christmas, was recently featured as a DOTD with a £70 price reduction. As a retailer, you can nominate your own products for DOTD and the marketplace will subsequently decide which product to select, drawing in a potentially significant number of consumers who might not have otherwise seen your product.

Baubles-13. Purchase Regular Ad Features

Adverts dotted throughout Rakuten’s Play.com marketplace are arguably the most efficient way to attract consumers on the site. Regular ads featuring your products aren’t free, but the potential to reach a sizable consumer base could be well worth the investment.

4. Advertise Your Product in Emails, Newsletters and Alerts

Rakuten’s Play.com sends frequent emails, newsletters and onsite updates to its customers, alerting them to products, deals and promotions. We strongly recommend that you have your products featured in these updates regularly, which will make consumers more familiar with you and increase your brand visibility. Similar to the DOTD approach, retailers are able to nominate their brand and product to be featured in emails, newsletters and onsite alerts.

5. Utilise Free Rakuten Mail

Rakuten’s Play.com offers a free email feature called Rakuten Mail (R-mail) that enables you to engage with your existing customer base. You’re permitted to send one email per week to your Rakuten’s Play.com customers, alerting them to a product, promotion or whatever else you want them to see.

We suggest building a calendar plan of R-mail sendouts, spread over a number of weeks. You can schedule your R-mail to send automatically, saving you time and effort in the long run. You are also able to use graphics from your own email sendouts.

We hope these tips help you sell more on Rakuten’s Play.com this Christmas. Remember to take advantage of the promotional opportunities offered by Rakuten and keep your customers well-aware of your festive promotions.

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