5 Things Online Retailers Should Know About Amazon Business

June 24, 2015

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Calling all retailers: Amazon Business, a marketplace for businesses, is having a casting call, and the time is right for you to apply! We’ve talked about Amazon Business before, but since we know you’re busy, here are the top five things you need to know about Amazon Business to determine whether this opportunity is right for you.

1. Amazon Business has replaced AmazonSupply.

The new model provides a simplified shopping experience for business consumers. It meets their needs without separating them from the main Amazon platform. Amazon Business features a simplified layout with fewer ads and includes products suitable for business purchase. The result is an Amazon experience that’s consistent with what buyers are used to in their personal lives, with the added features they need when shopping in their professional lives. Plus, unlike AmazonSupply, third-party sellers are invited to join Amazon Business.

2. Sellers must be approved to sell on Amazon Business.

There are 45 active professional categories within this new marketplace umbrella. To be accepted on Amazon Business, you must meet a sales minimum and have an acceptable seller rating to demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction. (See the criteria overview here.) Once approved, you’ll need to set up a Business profile. You’ll then be able to use special features like business-only pricing, quantity-based pricing and more.

3. Buyers must be approved to buy on Amazon Business.

To get a buying account on Amazon Business, shoppers need to create a new account and register their tax ID(s). Once done, they can add buyers and share payment and shipping information. As buyers shop, Amazon will show Amazon Business products as well as products from Amazon.com that are relevant to a professional audience.

4. Amazon Business supports business credentials. 

Within Amazon’s Seller Credential Program, retailers can register credentials that they qualify for. Credentials include “ISO 9001 certified,” “Minority Owned” and other quality, sourcing and social responsibility goals. (See the full list via Seller Central > Your Info & Policies > Credentials & Certifications.) Once verified by Amazon, these credentials are added to your seller profile. Buyers can also search for and filter by these credentials to meet their own sourcing requirements.

5. ChannelAdvisor supports Amazon Business.

As of our latest product release, we fully support Amazon Business. Setup is easy and uses your existing Amazon setup to add details like if an item is available for businesses only, Amazon Business pricing, quantity-based pricing and more.

Want to learn more? Check out this extensive Amazon Business overview for more details on the details.

Ready to Get Started?

Great to hear. If you’re a ChannelAdvisor retailer, then you can start setting up Amazon Business today within your account. Don’t forget to apply for an Amazon Business account.

P.S. If you’re a business seller, you might also want to check out NeweggBusiness, another B2B marketplace that third-party retailers can sell on.


Blog post by Rachel Miller, senior product marketing manager, ChannelAdvisor