Year in Review: ChannelAdvisor’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2018

January 2, 2019

Brands By Bradley Hearn

We experienced a lot of changes in 2018. Options for digital marketing expanded. New sales channels emerged. Fulfillment got faster.

It was a year of many exciting opportunities — and a time to rethink strategies across marketing, selling and fulfilling.

According to our traffic logs, ChannelAdvisor readers relied on our blog to keep close tabs on Amazon and eBay requirements, stay ahead of the latest consumer behaviors and even explore options for selling overseas.

Now that the new year has arrived, this is a good time to revisit the most popular insights and updates of 2018. Get a refresher with the past year’s top ten ChannelAdvisor blog posts below.

#10: Amazon Private-Label Brands Going Strong

After decades of dominating the e-commerce landscape, Amazon knows precisely when, why and how people are buying. And it appears to be using that intel to kick its private-label launches into high gear. Nine years after introducing the world to Pinzon, Amazon’s private-label brands are going strong.

#9: The Many Touchpoints of a Modern-Day Consumer

Today’s buyers make a multitude of touchpoints along their paths to purchase. How can you possibly keep up with all the changes? To help break things down, we view the path to purchase through the eyes of a modern-day consumer.

#8: Top 10 eBay 2018 Updates

eBay rolled out big updates last spring, with highlights including streamlined return policies, continual movement toward product-based listings and opening up eBay Guaranteed Delivery to more sellers. Check out this post to ensure you’re familiar with the top ten things all eBay sellers need to know.

#7: Your Amazon Seller Privileges Have Been Removed

Uh oh … a suspended third-party seller account on Amazon is every manufacturer’s and retailer’s nightmare. Thankfully, Amazon’s appeal process got easier in 2018. Learn the latest in this highly-trafficked post.

#6: How to Improve Your Amazon ODR

If there’s one thing all Amazon sellers should be concerned with, it’s the Order Defect Rate. Once you have a strong understanding of how the Amazon ODR works, it can become remarkably easy to excel at this all-important metric. Learn the basics that every seller needs to know.

#5: Understanding Brand Gating on Amazon

The process of brand gating seems straightforward enough: Unauthorized resellers threaten to cripple sales, so the manufacturer asks for greater control over who can list its products. But what if you’re a legitimate retailer? What can you do to protect your listings? Find out in this post especially for retailers.

#4: From Bookstore to Superstore: Amazon’s Evolution

Now well past its 20th birthday, Amazon is going stronger than ever. Take a look at some of the marketplace’s most memorable moments for first- and third-party sellers.

#3: Top Chinese Shopping Holidays

Did you miss Singles Day last year? There’s still time to score big with three more shopping holidays. Learn about opportunities to tap into the world’s largest e-commerce market while you wait for the big event to roll around again.

#2: Guide to Amazon A+ Content

With more than half of all online shoppers starting their product searches on Amazon, optimizing your product detail pages should be a key focus. Adding A+ Content to your listings is a strategy that comes highly recommended. In this quick-start guide, our e-commerce experts explain how the program works and what you should to do to make the most of it.

#1: 5 Differences Between FBA and SFP  

With 100 million members worldwide spending an average of $1,400 per year, Amazon Prime is a market you’d be crazy not to tap into. But which option is best for your business? Get a detailed breakdown of the two programs helping sellers reach those lucrative Prime shelves.

Looking for more insights to prepare for 2019? ChannelAdvisor has you covered! Our top-ten review is a great refresher. Still, these posts barely scratch the surface of all that happened in 2018 — and there’s a lot more to come in the year ahead.

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