Yahoo Updates Traffic Quality centre

June 23, 2008

Yesterday, Yahoo VP of Marketplace Quality, Reggie Davis, posted on the Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog some new features on their Traffic Quality centre. The page focus is to help marketers deal with traffic quality issues, click fraud, click spikes, or bad domains that may need blocked.

The updates include:
• A submission form to initiate a click investigation
• ”Ask Ace“: A new question-and-answer column written by one of our traffic quality experts.
• Animation on the homepage highlighting our stance on “bad clicks.” Refresh your browser to watch different versions.

Some of the other areas on the Traffic Quality centre page are Tips & Tools (the only tool being the mention of, and tips about, Yahoo Analytics), FAQ’s, and Resources.

Part of this “click fraud space” at Yahoo is details about the click filter report in the account reporting system. With this you can see what their automated system is already catching and if needed you can submit a “click investigation” with the new form mentioned above.

Click Filter Report

The Click Filter Report gives you greater transparency for click activity and filtering. It’s part of our overall effort to protect our advertisers from receiving invalid clicks.

While not a very useful update overall, Yahoo is doing a good job by giving a greater insight and involvement into their click fraud methodology. Check it out for yourself at Traffic Quality centre.

written by Steve Terjeson — steve.terjeson at