Yahoo to Spend Over $100m on Ad Campaign

September 22, 2009

In an effort to help promote it’s Brand (and drive more users and longer time on site), Yahoo is launching a new campaign to begin “realigning all aspects of it’s business around simplifying and enhancing the Web experience,” according to their official Press Release.

This campaign includes a full scale Advertising assault over the coming 15 months where they are planning on spending upwards of $100 million combined with a slew of Product Enhancements they have recently made to their portal.

Here are the Product Enhancements they highlight in the PR:

  • Yahoo!’s homepage allows people to access their favourite content and sites on any screen from a single Web location.
  • Yahoo! Mail now offers simpler photo sharing, editing and easy access to helpful and productive apps.
  • Yahoo! Search has been updated today to make Web search results more relevant and meaningful.
  • High-quality video calling has been added to Yahoo! Messenger for instant connections with friends and family.
  • Yahoo!’s new mobile homepage enables people to continue their Internet experience on their mobile browser. Additionally, new mobile apps including the recently launched Yahoo! for mobile, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Fantasy Football, Yahoo! Messenger and Flickr, bring best of Yahoo! experiences to mobile devices.

I wouldn’t count on this driving any material traffic increases in your Search campaign, but it looks like they are not ready to relinquish the #2 spot to Bing quite yet!

Written by Andrew Belsky (andrew.belsky at